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Final Exam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Final Exam - Essay Example Connelly (2010) gave many reasons to support his argument. He states that In his book ‘Congressional Government’ Wilson’s suggestion on American politics were incomplete and were not fully evolved to a certain extent. Even though he stated that â€Å"radical defect† (Connelly, 2010, 119) of the constitutional system is separation of powers he did not tackle or changed the fundamental flaw of separation of legislative and executive powers of American Constitution. Wilson suggested that â€Å"the cure for the friction of the separation of powers can be found in the fusion of party government† (Connelly, 2010, 119), however Connelly (2010) was of the opinion that he disregarded the separation of powers’ potentiality for fission. ... According to Connelly even though Wilson was a good politician and political scientist to point out the defects of the constitutional systems he lacked the perception to understand its strengths (Connelly, 2010). Even though Wilson stood out as a worthy opponent to James Madison federalist view, questioned and raised the defects of pluralist system, yet his idea of pure party government was not feasible under the system of separation of powers however it might have been possible within House of Representatives with majority according to Connelly (2010). Therefore Connelly opined that Woodrow Wilson’s project was doomed to failure. 2. How might Tocqueville explain the objectives of Piven & Cloward’s project to especially target the poor in voter registration drives? (minimum 300 words). Tocqueville (1838, 1) in his book ‘Democracy in America’ stated that â€Å"in United States even religion of most of the citizens is republican, since it submits the truths of the other world to private judgment, as in politics the care of their temporal interests in abandoned to the good sense of the people†. He further states that republican ideas are so ingratiated into Americans that they become habits, opinions and ultimately recognized formally as laws. To change republican’s notions hijacking the ideals of American and its democracy, Tocqueville (1838) suggests revolutionizing the whole society. He thinks that it can happen only with consistent efforts and series of events over a period of time with opposite opinions that can substitute this process. He also opines that in America, to destroy the republican ideology a difficult social process

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