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Not Up For Debate The Science Behind Vaccination

In today’s society, we believe that everything is up for debate, and that every topic can be opinionated. We like to have the power to make our own choices regardless of facts, just because we feel the pressure of being told what to do. We are lazy to learn the truth, but yet we are ready to choose sides and strongly argue about it. We see it every day on the news, in politics, sports, social media, online forums, school, etc. In his article, â€Å"Not Up for Debate: The Science Behind Vaccination†, published in September of 2015, Professor Aaron E. Carroll argues that the issue with vaccinations is more than just choosing to do it or not. Carroll jumps right into his discussion of the â€Å"Not up for debate† regarding people’s claims tying vaccines to autism, the choice not to, and officials backing them up. He explains how this argument stems from incorrect information, inadequate studies and research, and poor education about the facts and data about t he vaccines, which leads to the stubborn belief that vaccinations should be banned. Cornell states that there is no solid legitimate link between vaccines to autism, and that researchers have been able to purify vaccines over time. Pediatricians in general support vaccines and the fact that the all save lives. Aaron E. Carroll, MD, MS is a Professor of Pediatrics and Associate Dean for Research Mentoring at Indiana University School of Medicine. He is also the director of the Center for Health Policy and Professionalism Research. HeShow MoreRelatedHPV Vaccination Controversy Essay examples697 Words   |  3 PagesHPV vaccinations have been involved in some heated debates involving the general public and the government for some time now; whether the vaccine is worth being administered to young girls is the underlying question and if so at what cost. In the articles â€Å"HPV Vaccine Texas Tyranny† and â€Å"The HPV Debate† both authors Mike Adams and Arthur Allen provide enlightening information on why the HPV vaccinations should not be mandated through legislation, Adams conveys his bias and explains how the governmentRead MoreMmr Vaccine And The Vaccine1281 Words   |  6 Pagesdevelopment of science which has prevented countless numbers of diseases by giving one’s body an immunity to a microorganism by stimulating the body’s immune system and giving it the ability to recognize the pathogen as it enters the body to be more easily and readily destroyed. Autism, on the other hand, has not yet been fully linked back to a specific cause or reason. Because of this uncertainty, disgruntled parents have chosen to believe ideas with no scientific backing behind them besides whatRead MoreShould Mandatory Child Vaccination Be Mandatory?1349 Words   |  6 PagesThe debate over whether states should require parents to vaccinate their child has existed since the first vaccine in 1796. As long as there are vaccinations, there will be an argument against them. When babies are born, doctors will tell parents about all the vaccinations children need until their 18th birthday. Doctors recommend children to be vaccinated against 14 different diseases before they turn two. However, some parents don’t believe that vaccinations are necessary, and i f they aren’t necessaryRead MoreBoth Galileo And Darwin Are Legendary Figures Within Science1425 Words   |  6 PagesBoth Galileo and Darwin are legendary figures within science and history due to their discoveries which had a monumental impact on society during both their respective lives and modern day time. Their discoveries prompted discussion that challenged tradition and old ideas and despite not being appreciated by the entire public at the time, the theories they introduced have had long lasting impacts on our government and society today. Galileo and Darwin’s finding have a significant impact upon modernRead MoreVaccinations Can Cause Autism?848 Words   |  4 Pagesbeen great debate about whether or not vaccinations can cause autism. The number of cases of preventable diseases has increased significantly since Dr Andrew Wakefield’s paper about the link between MMR and Autism was published. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported in 2015 there were 189 cases reported; and in 2014 the US experienced a record number of cases with a shocking 667 cases in one year. The numbers continue to go up as the years go by due to the fear of the vaccinations causing autismRead MoreThe, Pro, And The Pro Choice1378 Words   |  6 Pagesas ethical (Sheng, 1991). There are two sides of this debate, the â€Å"pro-mandate† and the â€Å"pro-choice† and both will be discussed. I will argue using the pro-mandate utilitarian approach that all children, without medical exemption, should be required by the government to get the MMR vaccine, because vaccinations play a crucial role in public health and saving lives. First to be explained are each side of the argument. The history of vaccinations in order to disprove that humans haven’t had vaccinesRead MoreVaccines Are Meant To Help Both Human And Animals By Providing1304 Words   |  6 Pagesmulti-factorial and often difficult to predict in all cases. Further, no vaccine is completely safe and effective in all situations for all animal patients. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) believes that a medically based approach to vaccination protocols is an appropriate method to address the preventative health needs in multiple animal species, breeds and individual patients. Vaccines in veterinary medicine have proven to be a boon for animal health. Yet the usefulness of veterinaryRead MoreMedia and Its Effects on Society1437 Words   |  6 Pagesresult in disinterest among people. Thus, media is a potential means in shaping our understanding on particular issue. It is capable of fanning certain topics for mass audience to assume and discuss. For instance, the vaccine controversy, an on-going debate whether or not vaccines cause autism, has not come to any conclusion, partly due to the media influence. The media attempts to provide equal coverage for both sides of the argument—the pro and the con vaccines—providing room for a few extremists toRead MoreSome of the Benefits of Vaccination Essays1307 Words   |  6 Pages The Benefits of Vaccination Vaccinations are one of the single most important things one can do for the health of their children. Although, it has been a subject of recent controversy, the benefits of being vaccinated far outweigh not being vaccinated. Instead of taking medical advice from an actress, or buying into the conspiracy theories that suggest the government is using immunizations in an attempt to poison the population, parents need to spend a little time doing some research on the matterRead MoreShould Hpv Vaccines Be Mandatory?1513 Words   |  7 PagesJosie Caskey Honors Rhetoric Dr. Margaret Murray 20 April 2015 Should HPV Vaccines Be Mandatory? The debate over the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines represents two very controversial topics in healthcare in America, mandatory vaccination and teenage sexuality. Currently the two approved vaccines, Gardasil and Ceravix, are designed to protect against the sexually transmitted virus HPV. Because these vaccines have their greatest benefit when given before a person becomes sexually active, the

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Ethnic Minorities And The United States - 1712 Words

Introduction The increase in ethnic minorities’ immigrants has transformed the demographics of the United States in recent decades. The 2010 U.S. Census Bureau reports that almost 37.3 % of our population (approximately 308.7 million) is made up of ethnic minorities (e.g. Latino/as, African Americans, Asians, and American Indian/ Alaska Native). When compared to other ethnic groups, Latinos/as have showed an increase of about 43 % in the last 10 years; becoming one of the fastest growing populations in the United States (Census Bureau, 2010). However, it is important to note that this percentage of increase is not accounting for the Latinos/as that are undocumented; leaving us to question the actual number of Latino/a immigrants in the U.S. Now public health providers and policy makers are acknowledging the importance of investigating the issues Latinos/as may face. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (2012), reported that Latinos made up 16% (e.g. 25 million) of the U.S. workforce. Out of this workforce 58% are men and 42% are women. One of the recent issues that have been expressed by citizens of this country is whether legal/illegal immigrants depress wages and job opportunities. Recent studies have shown there is no significant effect in change in wages for U.S. citizens (Card, Raphael, 2013). However, about more than half of Americans still believe that illegal immigrants do not strengthen the country and should not be allowed here (Shah, 2013). Congress and the ObamaShow MoreRelatedChallenges Faced by Ethnic Minorities in the United States2627 Words   |  11 PagesQuestion 1 What are the challenges faced by ethnic minorities in the U.S. What disparities exist, why, and what are the consequences for individuals and families? Remember to address the challenges facing immigrant families in your answer. Some of the numerous challenges that minorities face in the United States include a higher rate of poverty, less education and educational opportunities, some minorities experience a language barrier, and all have unfair stereotypes and discrimination. The firstRead MoreAssess the social impact of the Second World War on women and ethnic minorities in the United States.1043 Words   |  5 Pageseffect on white men who lived in the United States during the 1940s. Many volunteered for overseas military service, and many more joined the army in the nations first peacetime draft, which occurred in 1941 as a precursor to the United Statess future involvement in the war. World War II also, however, had a profound impact on the lives of women and ethnic minorities in the United States. Because white men were the primary candidates of the draft, women and minorities were able to fill job openings thatRead MoreGiving People A Vote Does Not Mean That A State Would Have A Government?1538 Words   |  7 Pagespeople a vote does not mean that a state would have a government â€Å"by the people† by analysing the problem in three areas: majority, minority and real-world statistical representation. Majority The term government â€Å"by the people† can be seen as being too vague. One issue is determining who are â€Å"the people† being referred to? In the literal meaning one can assume that it implies that the government is chosen by the collective decision of all the people within that state. If it is safe to assume that theRead MoreInfant Mortality And Birth Mortality1394 Words   |  6 Pages(McKenzie Pinger, 2017). Infant mortality rates vary amid ethnic and racial groups in the United States. Infant mortality rates are based on the 1983 and 1984 birth and infant-death files, mother’s race and Hispanic origin. Asians have a lower rate of infant mortality than whites but the rates vary between 6.0/1000 in Japanese mothers to 9.0/1000 amongst other Asian mothers. Mexicans are the third largest minority group in the United States but they have the same infant mortality rate (9.0/1000) asRead MoreHealth Status Of Minority Group Essay623 Words   |  3 Pagesdisparities between non-minority and minority populations experiencing disproportionate burdens of disease, disability, and premature death.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   ~  Guiding Principle for Improving Minority Health Health Status of Minority Group Medical advances and new technologies have provided people in America with the potential for longer, healthier lives more than ever before. However, persistent and well-documented health disparities exist between different racial and ethnic populations andRead MoreRacial And Ethnic Disparities Throughout Theu.s. Health Care1156 Words   |  5 PagesRacial and Ethnic Disparities in U.S. Health Care There continues to be racial and ethnic disparities in the United States, and these problems need to be addressed since the rate of racial/ethnic populations in the country are steadily rising. According to the 2001 United States Census, â€Å"racial/ethnic minority populations are growing at such a fast rate that by 2050 more than 50% of the population will belong to a minority group† (Weech-Maldonado, Al-Amin, Nishimi, Salam, 2011). Race and ethnicityRead MoreDiversity1703 Words   |  7 Pagesdiversity in the United States? Assume you are starting a business in that country. Upon which diversity-related factors would you place most emphasis or be most concerned? What is the key diversity concerns for Canada? Some of the key diversity concerns for Canada are to â€Å"find negative effects of strong ethnic attachments on rates of citizenship acquisition for immigrants, and on acquisition of a sense of Canadian identity. There is also a clear negative effect of strong ethnic attachments onRead MoreThe Ten Stages of Genocide by Gregory H. Stanton931 Words   |  4 Pagesending with the stage of denial. In Burma, a sovereign state, also known as Myanmar, a minority ethnic group named the Rohingya is being discriminated by the majority of the population and the government in Burma. The Rohingya have been denied Burmese citizenship since 1982, when a law was enacted by the state government that excludes the Rohingya as one of Burma’s ethnic groups (â€Å"Myanmar Will Not Recognize†). There has also been reports of ethnic cleansing, anti-Muslim violence, and forced labor (â€Å"Plight†)Read MoreMexican Americans Essay example751 Words   |  4 PagesMexicans immigrated t o the United States back in the 1800s (Stanford, 2006). During 1848 the United States took over a part of Mexico which is now the Southwest (Stanford, 2006). Mexicans living in these areas were Mexican citizens before the acquisition. The United States even went into agreements with Mexico to have Mexicans work in the United States. Mexicans were treated with cruelty, while working the agriculture fields for years. The United States made several agreements with Mexico to haveRead MoreDiscrimination in Sports769 Words   |  4 Pagesindividuals on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, sex or age which results in denial of opportunities, selection or promotion. Racism, ethnic discrimination and exclusion of migrants and minorities are the most common types of discrimination in sports, along with gender and age discrimination. Women of an ethnic origin, or those coming from ethnic minorities or migrant communities, are particularly under represented in sports and especially in manag erial or executive positions in sports organizations

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American people Essay Example For Students

American people Essay American people Coming to the United States has been the biggest step in my life. This decision is to finish my studies, become a dentist. And offer help for people in my country. Because I was afraid to come here, I asked everyone about life in the US. For me it was a mystery. I did not know what to expect how do American people live? How do they treat foreign people? All of these questions were in my mind when I asked my friends who were living in the United States. They and all other sources that I listened to, gave me great picture about the US. But after I came here I found out that the information I got before and the information I found after I came here though shared a lot of similarities, there were also a lot of differences. First of all, the information that I had before I come to the United States made me comfortable. It made in my mind a dream land called America. I got my information from TV movies, newspapers, and from my friends. The first thing I heard about was from my friend who had lived here for years. He told me that the United States is unbelievable life. The time here goes so fast and you will enjoy your life without feeling homesick and he give me a great impression of American people and how they are helpful and always friendly. Also he tells me about the safety in his state and how you can have fun any time you want out side you house. In addition there was something I heard about that makes me very happy to come here is that there is no discrimination between people, because I have been in many bad situations in eurpe, which people treat us very bad and I was wooried about that. This was one of the things that make me comfort for coming here. And the American movies give me the feeling of the strong relationship among the members of the American family. And I feel when I saw these movies that the American family is just like the kuwait family. A family with love and strong relationship among them, a family that the son or daughter will never forget the parents until they die. Now, After I lived here for two years, I see a different picture of the US. Every second I live here I learn something new about this country. Every day I live here I see the great picture of the US is become darker day after day. When I spend the first six months here I asked myself one question, Where are the real Americans that I heard about? I dont know.. I was surprised with every thing I have seen here with the information I got before I came. For example, The time here was the hardest part in my life and I could not imagine how American people live without thinking about the time. People here are working as a machines and no body care what going on around him. Ive seen people with no trust to each other, everybody are afraid from each other, some people here are making a lot of geoups depend on skin color and they hate other groups even the forigners. For example, I live in a place call Richmond and I heard that you cant go out from your home after 8:00 pm because you will get stolen especially in the Down Town. In addition there were something made me more confused when I asked myself where are the strong relation ship in the American family. I see every day how the children forget there parents after they reach 18 years old. And how they seperate from the family and may be on of the parents die with no body around him. After all this, I can see now how Amerecan people are different when you hear about them and when you live with them. Although I can not forget that there are still alot of great American people and I can call them th real Americans but we should mention whats wrong before

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Quinceanera by Judith Ortiz Cofer Freewrite Essay Example

Quinceanera by Judith Ortiz Cofer: Freewrite Paper My response to the title of the poem was a fifteen-year-old Latina girl becoming of age. Quinceanera can be compared to Sweet Sixteen or becoming eighteen-years-old all of which represent the transition into adulthood for a young lady. Traditionally a Quinceanera is celebrated among the Latino culture and catholic community. The poem demonstrates tone well using her emotions and feeling toward turning fifteen. This author takes her own experience and puts it into the poem. She describes the time she turned fifteen and how it made her felt. Cofer’s figure of speech is obvious showing the readers that she does not want to grow up. As she is transitioning into womanhood she seems to struggle with the idea of being a woman who wears satin slips and not the innocent girl who plays with doll. With adulthood comes more responsibilities and she herself must take on household tasks such as washing her own clothing and sheets. This will prepare her for marriage. She undergoes so many bodily transformations, practically overnight, that make her feel uncomfortable. Her menstrual cycle starts, which she feels is shameful. She is growing out of her innocence into a woman and dolls are no longer a choice in the path she must follow. All of which is overwhelming for her to take in, she just wants the anxiety of growing up to pass. Upon reading the poem, imagery can be found throughout the entire poem. For example, in the first two lines you can imagine a doll being put away like a dead child in a chest, you cannot bring a dead child back to life. This is the burial of her childhood only to keep her memories and carry them with her for the rest of her life. We will write a custom essay sample on Quinceanera by Judith Ortiz Cofer: Freewrite specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Quinceanera by Judith Ortiz Cofer: Freewrite specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Quinceanera by Judith Ortiz Cofer: Freewrite specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Also, the second to last line where she is â€Å"wound,† twisted, â€Å"like the guts of a clock,† referring to her stomach. She feels a sense of anxiety here. This is her final emotion to conclude the poem. She fears growing up because of the responsibilities she will have to take on, the shame she felt when her period started, will she feel that shame again? There is a comparison of her blood to that of Christ, Saints, and men in battle from line12-18. The meaning of her bleeding is the rite of female passage into womanhood as that of a man going off to battle and fight. However, she feels that her blood is not as beautiful as the religious figures of the men. When men bleed in battle, it was because they fought for a just cause, to fight for their land. For Christ, he chose to give up his life and endured the pain while bleeding on the cross. She does not see blood like Christ or the man in battle. Blood was seen more as shameful to her because there was not meaning behind her blood, this was just a cycle women went through monthly. Since she just became a woman overnight, she had not yet acquired the knowledge of puberty and the beauty behind a woman’s menstrual cycle, life.