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Allowabe size and configuration of sidewalk cafes in NYC Essay

Allowabe size and configuration of pavement cafes in NYC - Essay ExampleThey have been instrumental in giving feasible solutions to idealized proposals of heathenish entities and the government. Architects are instrumental in responding to the concerns of both the commercial entities and the public in giving an corporate insurance policy (Loukaitou-Sideris & Ehrenfeucht, 2009). In addition, cultural forces have agitated for a traditional architectural setting whereby culture is integrated into daily activities. This calls for sidewalk spaces that can allow for setting of public emblems and interaction. On the other hand, commercial activities constrain the growth of culture in towns.Academics have complained of the sidewalk policy as ignoring the preferences of the public and consumers. It also ignores the design of free markets whereby commercial activities control the space in which they operate in the same (McEachern, 2008). This criticism rides on the idea that the governme nt and academics make assumptions of problems in the city. This ignores the feelings of the public of whom the changes are made for the same. This suggests that the public should push for proposals of astir(p) their interests in the city. In this sense, the public pulls away the stake from the academics. Other critiques herald the policy as diagonal since it only concentrates on the public and constrains the growth of small businesses (Kleniewski & Thomas,

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Appearance and Reality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Appearance and honesty - Essay ExampleTo start with, he considers light falling on the table and its distribution. He suggests that distinct wad looking at the said(prenominal) table leave behind actually see a diverse thing altogether depending on the angle of look and position with which they stand. He explains further that the two people will hold in diametrical account of what they see, and the initial table will have a contrary meaning altogether. He continues by forbiddenlining other characteristics of the same and claims that the texture, when observed with the unaided eye, will be lots varied than when observed with microscopes of different powers. He alleges that more details will be revealed whenever the latter will be used, making him wonder of what more is yet to be found on this rather alter and smooth table. He elaborates that, if what apprize be perceived with the in the altogether eye is questionable, then how true is that which can be observed with aid s? Russell claims that a real shape will maintain its shape disregarding of the angle with which it is looked at. He alleges that a circular shape will calculate oval like when viewed from a distance and thus deviating from the initial theory of real shapes, hence concludes that there is no such thing as a real shape. Briefly, Russell Bertrand, an acclaimed theorist, suggests that there is no such thing as Reality. From the examples given, he brings out the possibility of reasoning and challenging even the most of basic things in life that we consider parkland sense. Physics teaches that light travels from the butt to the eye, so whatever we perceive depends upon the light on the same object to our look. Therefore, whatever our eyes see depends on the property of light. Thereby we can justify that whatever our eyes see is the real object. Considering his example on texture, where he was torn in between on what barely he was to take as the real feel for the same. He actually ove rlooks a lot in his reason for even considering the microscopic view as part of the real view. One thing he forgets to understand is that the microscopic view, whether in low or high power is actually giving the abstruse structural arrangement and combination of grains, which are the building blocks for the table, which will otherwise not have been seen with the naked eye. This example is the equivalent of considering a house where the basic are bricks. When the bricks are analyzed on their own, they showing a different property, which the otherwise finished house will not have. Thus, the house cannot be draw using such property. The human eyesight is limited to a number of things. His claim that shapes look different from a given point of view can also be challenged critically. Perspective angle causes shapes to appear different, but that does not mean that they really are. In my view, people will see whatever they want to see and interpret them in whatever manner they deem fit, making each person to have a different opinion and account concerning what they perceive depending on their current physical and psychological condition. However, if the different people were given the same viewing ground and if they all had perfect eyesight, all of them would give the same answer and description of what they saw. Russells claim that two people will give different accounts when viewing the same from different places is actually true. Were the same people given

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Elements of art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Elements of art - Essay ExampleI observe many an(prenominal) things as I look at this painting. If for instance, we dont know the date when this painting was painting, we would commemorate that it was made during the Renaissance or after that period due to its atmospheric perspective. After the camera was invented in 1839, artists tried to make their paintings look real and as good as they could. William painted this painting close to as perfect as a real photo. If you goggle Porto Venere, you will see round pictures of this status which looks the same as in this painting. Looking at this painting, I feel cool and relaxed since, it gives me that beautiful ghost you have when you walk on the beach and the drizzles from the waves hit you smoothly.In this painting, there is no real metric grain which appears as brushwork and impasto. However, bold or noticeable texture appears a little bit on the rocks. harbor in this painting includes high-key and restrained. High key appears almost in the middle visible horizontal gillyflower starting from the middle of the building moving towards its right side. Low key value appears on the waves, the clouds, the rocks and the mountains. Together, the high-key and low-key values make a strong contrast as is visible At first weed of the painting.In this painting, space is obviously noticeable. The front houses overlap the other house and the big mountain buttocks the house overlaps the other mountain. The rocks as well overlap each other. In addition, the shading in the waves and the clouds target space, different sizes, and positions of the buildings, the rocks and the mountains. The perspective of this painting indicates space too as it appears as atmospheric view in this painting.In this painting, colors appear natural. Appearing in this painting, some of the natural colors is blue(on the waves) and green(on the mountain top). just about parts of the waves have a tint of blue making them look lighter than blue w hereas, some parts of the waves have

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Business Law Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Business Law - investigate Paper ExampleThis is filed at the germane(predicate) registry and then served upon the defendant(s). Once the defendant is served personally, he is vatical to sign the summons and file a reply to the summons within a stipulated time. If he opts not to reply, he shall be deemed to have received the summons within a time stipulated by the relevant law. 2. When an Attorney will represent a Client on Contingency Basis When Filing a Suit for Tort A contingency fee refers to where the lawyer is paid if and only if the plaintiff wins or there is a settlement. The reason why clients opt for this method is that they fear the risk of loss. They also loss the lawyers to finance them. Others are desperate and have no money to finance the suit. Lawyers on their side agree contingency fee because it is the practice of the particular law firm while others work on a fee per hour basis. Disadvantage is that it compromises the choice of a lawyer. 3. Contract for a sale of interest in land I .of identity number. (Herein called the seller) have on this 8th day of show 2013 agreed to sell plot no.Eld 1234/10 of 20 hectares to . Of identity number.. ... He receives a 10% commission on every plot he sells above the principals price. 2) They get their contracts finished written agreements with the principals who are his clients. The statutes of frauds do however not cover the contracts 3) Lenny became an agent through practice where he used to bargain on behalf of those selling pieces of land and paid for the same. And testament as Sample union Agreement THIS PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT is do this 8th day of March 2013 by And between pier JONES, BILL DUNN and MAC SMITH. Section 1 Explanatory Statement The parties hereto desire to enter into the vexation of purchasing, acquiring operating, leasing, owning and selling lawn mowers, including but not limited to that certain parcel of land, and all improvements constructed thereon, described as BOX NO.134,NE WYORK and engaging in any other lawful phase or aspect of lawn service. In order to accomplish their previously mentioned desires, the parties hereto desire to join in a general confederacy under and pursuant to the Uniform compact Act, amended from time to time (the Act) NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of their mutual promises, covenants, and agreements, and the Explanatory Statement, which Explanatory Statement is incorporated by reference herein and having made a substantive part of this league Agreement, the parties hereto do hereby promise, covenant and agree as follows Section 2 Principal Place of Business The principal office and place of business of the Partnership (the Office) shall be located at Angell Road. Section 3 Business and Purpose 3.1.The business and purposes of the Partnership are to manage, and operate, lawn service business (the Lawns),

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CCC project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

CCC project - stress ExampleI could have written tear my ideas at the same time writing down the suggestions the other group members were voicing out. This mien, I could have listened efficiently to what others were saying while keeping lead of my own ideas.I want to effectively confront people when they make mis conduces without causing them to be offended. I would like to accomplish this with people whom I populate personally and those who I dont know well. In this way, I ass point out their mistakes to help them improve in turn, I can learn from their mistakes as well. These people include those who I already know and those who I allow be acquainted with in the future. I would like to perform this skill only when it is under the appropriate and requirement situations.1. I would not always confront others immediately after they made a mistake preferably I forget tell others about their mistakes in the most appropriate time or situation. This leave behind fix time for me to think of the approach I bequeath use on the person and to give time for the person to think over what he or she has done wrong.2. In dealing with reinvigorated acquaintances or other people I dont know well, I will take time to observe them to determine their behavior and attitude before confronting them with their mistakes. Learning how they react and interact will give me an idea on how to tell them their mistakes in the most suitable way that will not offend them.3. For people that are older than me and whom I dont know well, I will try my best to relate and befriend these people to easily tell them about their mistakes. Befriending these people will cause them to value my opinion and not treat me as a critic nor an enemy entirely a friend who cares and wants them to improve.5. I will learn how to speak to other people about their mistakes in the best way and most appropriate way in accordance to their attitude or character. This way I

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The Port Hedland case study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

The Port Hedland typeface study - Essay ExampleFinally the designer justifies her choice of strategies, the limitations and methods that crumb be used to outgo the limitations.Community intend and development is an essential component of all developed and developing economies. There ar m both different reasons for community planning and development to take center stage in any local government initiative. The reason for this is because unless communities are think and developed effectively the individuals living and working in those communities would suffer from various different hardships. These hardships would depend on the scale and the inadequacy of the different amenities that be possessed of been provided by the communities. The more amenities that are provided by a community the more that community allow for thrive and therefore effective community planning and development is an essential.A community can be loosely defined as a group of individuals living in a common attach off location. These individuals will form separate family and living units, but still they will be mutualist on each other and may even contribute to one anothers well being through social networks and through products and services that the manufacture, sell and provide. For cause any small village or carve up of a village can be considered as a community unit. As it will inhabit of individuals of different age groups and from different parts of society fulfilling different roles whether and contributing in one focal point or another to the group (Bhattacharyya, 2004). Amongst those who contribute will also be those who do not and can be detrimental to the community unit. Reasons for community development and planning to be necessaryAs verbalize above the more amenities a community has the better it is for the living standards of those living in the community. For instance if the community has adequate public health facilities and educational facilities for children, th at would help the community to be healthy and productive, which benefits the immaculate community through its economic development. When there is adequate educational facilities for the children that ensure that the future of the community, which is in the detainment of the future generation will be very secure. From the stand point of a nation, better planned the communities throughout the nation are - the more healthier, more educated and the more productive the citizens would be in the long term, which in turn will benefit the entire nation. The Issues of little community development and planningSince the report has looked at the necessity for appropriate community development and planning, in this section of the report the author will focus her attention on the issues that can arise from inadequate community development and planning. affable inequality amongst the individuals, Economic inequalities and Political inequalities are some of the disadvantages that have to be face d by a nation that does not pay adequate attention to the proper development and planning of its communities (Kellogg, 2002) Therefore in this section the author will focus on those three areas and the type of inequalities that can arise from the inadequate amenities being provided to the communities. Social InequalityWhen amenities like adequate public h

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ITunes price changes hurt some rankings Assignment

ITunes price changes hurt some rankings - Assignment ExampleThe article points out that two days after Apple iTunes practice of medicine bloodline raised its prices on some individuals tracks, the sales dipped and with that the rankings of the songs. The iTunes top 100 chart registered 40 songs at $1.29 and 60 songs at the normal $0.99 price point. After the price change, the $1.29 songs lost 5.3 places on the chart bit the $0.99 songs gained an average 2.5 chart positions. These changes give a general idea of how additive changes in revenue canful be reached. Moving up and down the chart impacts the revenue greatly which in turn is impacted by price changes. These changes are solely chart position, but a general idea of incremental changes in revenue can be reached. By looking at the unit sales of the just roughly late(a) Soundscan top track downloads chart, the different between chart positions can offer a go out into how moving up and down the chart impacts revenue. An a ssumption here is that the iTunes Top 100 chart is model of the Soundscan top track downloads chart. Given its market dominance, this is a reasonable assumption. I chose this article because it gives a right(a) idea of how small changes in price can turn around Sales. A significant model raised by this article is the way in which how prices alter the rankings of songs in the music industry. The prices change the rankings and the rankings which in turn impact sales and revenue. This article relates to chapter nine of our text book in which key issues relate to initiating and responding to price changes are discussed. Buyer reaction to price changes are a result of the value the customers enchant in the price change. (Glenn Peoples) Works Cited Glenn Peoples, Nashville. How iTunes Price Changes Hurt Some Rankings. 10 April 2009. 19 may 2011 . word 7 in 10 Americans say High gas prices hurt This article is related to a recent chapter that we covered from our text book. Customers dont react to price changes in a real straight forward way. A price increase is expected to lower sales. This is because a brands price and its image are closely tied together. Price changes leave behind alter consumer perception about a particular product and the way they want to consume it. Thus price is a truly critical factor. I chose this article because it offers insight into how price changes in a mandatory commodity such as gas influences the common man. The survey was conducted by USA today in which they asked people if recent changes in prices of gasoline pay off impacted them financially. 7 in 10 Americans believed it did. More than half of them claimed that they have had to make changes to account for higher prices of gasoline. 21% of them felt the impact so heavily that they believed it jeopardized their standard of living. (Stauss) Stauss, Gary. 7 in 10 Americans say high gas prices hurt . 18 May 2011. 19 May 2011 . Article Apple and Starbucks announce music part nership The article talks of the Apple and Starbucks music partnership. under this partnership, customers at Starbucks forget be able to wirelessly browse, look around for music, buy and download music from the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store at Starbucks on their iPod touch, iphone, Mac or PCs running iTunes in a participating location. They will also be available to avail the new Now Playing service under which the hold of the song playing in the Starbucks store at that particular moment will be shown. They will then be able to buy and download songs directly to their device. The partnership will benefit both(prenominal) Apple and Starbucks and is a classic example of horizontal marketing. I selected this article because I felt that having assoil access to the iTunes Wi-Fi Music store and the Now Playing service of Starbucks is a great ways to string customers to both Starbucks and Apple iTunes. It will trigger greater revenues for both companies. This

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Legal Profession in Private Practice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Legal Profession in Private Practice - Essay ExampleIf such one-on-one practice is unregulated and left to the vagaries of the market, it leaves it susceptible to abuse. Unlike other commodities and go where the harmful effects of deregulation are minimal, and in some cases deregulation is actually better, the heavy profession has to contend with the fact that ultimately, its let is the dispensation of umpire. It seeks to correct redresses committed against individuals and seek accountability from the wrongdoers. It plays an integral and important part in our justice system, and the justice system in turn plays an important part in the maintenance of social order and the promotion of human rights. Hence, the legal profession can in no wise be treated as simply a commodity or a service to be provided to those who can pay, without regulation or State intervention. In July 2003, Sir David Clementi was tasked to carry out a review of the regulatory framework of the legal services i n England and Wales. The terms of reference wereTo consider what regulatory framework would surpass promote competition, innovation and the worldly concern and consumer interest in an efficient, effective and independent legal sector.To recommend a framework which will be independent in representing the worldly concern and consumer interest, comprehensive, accountable, consistent, flexible, transparent, and no more restrictive or burdensome than is clearly justified. Among his recommendations were the view up of a Legal service Board that has management powers. to regulate front-line bodies like the Law night club and the Bar Council, the creation of an Office for Legal Complaints that will be tasked to handle all forms of complaints lodged by the public against members of the front-line bodies, and opening up the system to alternative structures that will allow lawyers and non-lawyers to work together and provide legal internvention. The summary of all this is that the underl ying reason behind the initiatives of Parliament is to introduce a Legal Services Bill that aims, in essence, to provide an oversight of the legal profession so that the greater public could best be served with legal services that are effective and accessible. To quote from the Written Ministerial Statement of captain Falconer of ThorotonThe draft Bill sets out our detailed plans for the creation of a strong independent oversight regulator the Legal Services Board which will ensure that front line regulators discharge their duties effectively. In addition, legislation will provide the LSB with a wide range of powers including those to authorise

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Legal risk manager Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Legal risk music director - Assignment ExampleFailure to manage each foreseeable legal risk has the potential to happen upon all sectors of an organization, and this becomes the concern of every shareholder, employee, and business stakeholders in the business. It is plausible that legal risk management is significant to any organization since it can effectively remove any uncertainties in relation to business accomplishment of the organization, thus avoiding legal liability later in the future. An effective legal risk management world-class should ensure that the company can avoid any costs that may arise due to any form of legal negligence during its operations.The law that governs financial obligations in corporate information security in the linked States has expanded very rapidly. The latest legal submitment, introduced mainly by laws that were introduced over the last few years, is an obligation to disclose any form of security breaches that involve sore personal infor mation to the individuals who are apparent to be adversely affected by such kind of breaches. The emergence of these rules that impose a responsibility to make disclosures for such security breaches has been necessitated by a series of security breaches that started way back in 2005. Following the enactment of these statutes, more than 300 hundred companies, federal agencies, and educational institutions have made disclosures of breaches of sensitive personal information security (Stevens, 2012). These breaches have affected a cumulative total of more superstar hundred and fifty million individual records. The core response to these breaches has been a regulatory and legislative fury, at both federal and state level. As such, the Congress, as well as many other states, has introduced laws that require organizations to notify individuals affected security breaches that involve their sensitive personal information. Indeed, the federal banking regulatory agencies have issued their closing inter-agency guidance for banking

Intercultural Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Intercultural Paper - Essay exemplarThis culture simply identifies itself with codes of conduct that promote love and respect with the main aim of maintaining modesty and white.Institutions use up to the establishment of norms that support individual survival in a social setting. Stability and functionality of society expect upon roles and responsibilities that argon created and defined by different institutions. However many societies may differ, they all have institutions that entice the culture or rather the way of life of individuals. Religious institutions for instance control behaviour and catch out the actions of individuals. The religious institution that defines the Hindu culture comprises of confused religious practices of which people are expected to prevail by. Being the most dominant religion in India, the religion emphasizes with humility, respect, purity and modesty. There are various religious practices that promote these four doctrines. For instance, touching peoples feet is considered a sign of respect. Touch the feet of individuals who are considered to be holy is considered a sign of humility (WordPress, n.d). Hindus also consider it a tradition to suggest gifts to priests and gurus as a sign of appreciating the spiritual blessings they receive.Religious institutions in the Hindu Culture consider purity to be of great essence. Purity takes three forms purity of body, purity of thoughts and purity of deeds. In their daily activities, Hindus shelter this purity through following their religious codes of ethics and living wisely (Sharma, 2002). Religious offerings are usually given to deities from time to time. These offerings are usually in the form of food or flowers. Sniffing of offerings is not allowed base on the belief that sniffing is meant for the gods. All items that are intended to be offered for offerings are cleaned and covered as a sign of purity. Their temples and shrines are

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Black Art Movement and the Harlem Renaissance Essay

Black finesse Movement and the Harlem Renaissance - Essay ExampleAt this period, there was also an interest being organise for jazz music with many white Americans that enjoyed the new sounds of lyrical black expression. One notable writer from this Harlem Renaissance period was Henry Dumas, who wrote a collection of short stories that described the efforts of different civil rights activists to describing the deadly strength of a sax solo, in order to celebrate the black spirit and political campaign toward liberation as a culture. Another novelist, Amiri Baraka, cooperateed to build Black Dialogue, a publication facility that support black arts. In his song, which was considered very risqu during the Harlem Renaissance, he spoke of fists beating niggers out of jocks or setting fire and death to whities ass as a means to show African-American defiance against racial intolerance. It is poetry like this that often caused social uprising in different black social groups and remi nded them that they were still an oppress people, therefore inspiring the next generation of blacks to explore artistry as a means to help in the cause for civil rights. The black arts movement involved many different African-American artists that often used their creative expression and poetry to influence others to reconsider their role in broader, bloodless society. It is likely that without these historical figures, prominent leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X would not have been inspired to use peaceful protest that marks the current state of liberation.

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The Church and Naziism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The church building and Naziism - Essay lessonThe movement of Deutsche Christen (German Christians) was undoubtedly the one most directly tied to Nazi regime. Having rejected the Judaical part of the Christian tradition and embraced the fanatical version of anti-Semitism, the German Christians composed the most influential groups of German Lutheran Protestants. Their movement was officially established in November 1933, when the record mass rally of German Lutherans substantiate the continuation between the teachings of Martin Luther and Adolph Hitler, the dismissal of Baptized Jews from the Church and the (partial) rejection of the Old Testament. The German Christians justified the absolute bond to the State authority by the claims on the primacy of temporal power that were found in some of Luthers writings. German Mller, the Reichsbischof of the German evangelistic Church, established in July 1933, was the supreme leader of this movement. Although the German Christians numbered to a greater extent than 600,000 in the mid 1930s, Mllers aim of unification of Catholic and Protestant churches of Germany under his personalised control was never attained, and he committed suicide in May 1945, when the news of Hitlers death reached him.Even though the German Christians were effectively supported by the Nazi government, the internal opposition to the Nazification and Aryanization of the Evangelical (Protestant) Churches emerged. The attempts by the German Christians to enforce an Aryan Paragraph, which would de-frock all priests of Jewish drop as hale as those who were married to non-Germans, aroused an outcry among more liberal members of the Protestant churches who founded the Confessing Church. Under the leadership of Martin Niemller, the Confessing Church fiercely opposed the attempts of the state authorities to enforce the Aryan Paragraph and expel the pastors of Jewish descent from the Protestant churches. Later on, the Confessing Church

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Journal # 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Journal 2 - Essay ExampleShe is besides involved in in hiring new staff, grant writing and policy making for these programs. During our meeting on Thursday, My don shared that she just received a message from her boss and the director from the IT department request her to inform the her department staff members not to send email with clients names because of warranter issues that they were currently resolving. So she informed everyone concerned and then later during the day they collectively decided to give notice (of) on paper with regards to anything that involved client information temporarily. Then by 2pm the IT people called to tell her it was O.K. to send information relate to client through email again. I fould the situation quite enigmatic but still managed to learn a great deal from the experience. We also discussed the project and she request that I review EPDS score for old discharge clients from the family case management program to see how the case managers go ac ross with the mothers who have a high depression score. And then I could research the literature on EPDS test and present it the staff members.Focus on role development A reflection upon the MSN role your preceptor is modeling and how you see yourself transitioning to a MSN role, based on your observations. What would you do differently than your preceptor? What strengths do you discover in your preceptor that you fell you need to develop?I observed my preceptor playing a important role as a go between for upper management and the front atmosphere managers. I noticed how she kept a neutral position in communicating with her subordinate leading and how she dupported all the staff members as they expressed their frustrations relating to being unable to send emails with client information. Without having the experience as my preceptor has in leadership and in the

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Mao's China and Beyond Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Maos chinaw are and Beyond - Essay ExampleAt any point when a nation and its people are faced with times of change, such evolution can be hectic as it moves forward to antenna whatever issues, would need to be handled. Each national party and their leader(s), along with the citizenry themselves, would have incomparable interpretations of what should and shouldnt be there.These changes can and often times do, take many shapes. Such as, resulting issues over social welfare, economical standing, along with the resulting political unrest that transpires alongside e reallything else. For the citizens of China, they would encounter ramifications of their own, as a result of the advancement of the communistic impulsion. Over time, the influence of the movement would be determined. According to Maoism, Deliberate organizing of mass military and economic origin was deemed necessary to defend the revolutionary threat, while centralization kept corruption under supervision, (Communism, p .15). This in itself would get along to be a positive step, but only time would tell how much. Any nation, or civilization, possesses cultural structures, for which they would be proud of. The structures that would be set to distinguish themselves from one another and in the process, would answer as a unifier for the general masses. From the social standpoint, As with the New Culture movement, Mao believed that all vestiges of Chinese traditional culture needed to be overturned. These included hsiao, or filial piety, Confucianism, monarchism, ancestor worship, religion, and the authority of elders, (Hooker, p.2). The movement of Maos ideology, would further be translated politically as well. In viewing the political philosophy set forth, it would appear as if a contradiction in meaning.When most view proposed democracy, they view it in terms similar, if not exact, to the present US structure of government. In essence of this, Mao himself referred to New Democracy as representativ e centralism, (Hooker, p.3). With every revolution, comes the hope of a new beginning and the progression from old ideas, to new and what may be seen as better ones. The problem would potentially be that, Democratic centralism essence a totalitarianism- a dictatorship of all revolutionary classes, in Maos words- power would be concentrated in the hands of a some in order to guarantee that all class interests are represented, (Hooker, p.3).In further study, it would be spy that part of Maos policy, would be making both the financial institutions and general industry more on a national scale. Also there would be re-allocation of land coming from the wealthier owners and going to those who would have been at the very bottom of the economic class system. After Mao assumed his power hold in 1949, he re-named the previously mentioned principle of democratic thinking that he saw as being new, to something called the Peoples Democratic Dictatorship. time the general idea would further g o on to make mention of the strength of the peoples convictions and what they wanted to be handled by the ruling government, it would still place power within one central force.Question What was the historical context of the Hundred Flowers

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Response to a classmate's post Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Response to a classmates post - Assignment utilizationFor me, I felt that the work lacks a clear definition of concepts and proper outlining of facts that bring out the slew of race. Also, you did not include any thesis statements in the essay. You simply explained the various characteristics that the Homo sapiens subscribe such as the color of the skin, shape and the type of hair. Nonetheless, it is commendable how you note how anthropologists find it meaningless to office the term race since the term has been overtaken by events. I think this gives a weapons-grade point in the defense of your answer. You also give a clear explanation of the disparities of the different genetic variations such as polytypic and polymorphic variations. It is also good that you mention the emerging trends in the humans, such as mutations of the human race. It would be good if you add a conclusion that summarizes the major thoughts in the essay. Your paragraphing is also wanting. Though the work ha s strong points, you would have made the work better through a proper organization of thoughts.

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Discuss with reference to two other poems Essay Example for Free

Discuss with reference to two former(a) poems Essay cut across the avoid contains the intimately powerful foundation of death in the anthology. To what extent do you agree? Discuss with reference to two other poems in the collection Tennyson question Tennyson presents death in different ways in go across the ban, founder get about break and Morte DArthur. Each origination is powerful however it is difficult to finalise whether Crossing the Bar contains the most powerful presentation because it depends on what type of death the reader finds the most significant. If it is the death of ones own flavour, then Crossing the Bar might seem to a greater extent powerful because it is a representation of Tennysons complacency with his own death. But, if the death of a friend relates more(prenominal) to the readers personal experience, death in Morte DArthur could be more meaningful and powerful. To almost extent I do not agree that Crossing the Bar contains the most powerful presentation of death in the anthology. Both Crossing the Bar and blend in break break use imagery of the ocean to convey different meanings.In Crossing the Bar, the sea represents the world the vocalizer willing transgress into after death. And may there be no moaning of the choke up, when I put out to sea. Tennyson uses the metaphor of the sandbar to describe the barrier between life and death. One side of the sandbar is life and the sea on the other side is death. This is a powerful representation because Tennyson sets out a eminence between the two worlds surpassly, suggesting that death should be embraced because its now peaceful and natural. And may there be no sadness of farewell, when I embark.This is in contrast to the normal response of death, which is indicated in fragmentize break break. In Break break break the vocaliser displays feelings of anguish and pain, this is shown in the title. The repetition of the word break emphasises the onomatopoeic sound of a h eart breaking. It could also be interpreted as waves breaking on the rocks. Break break break at the foot of thy crags, O sea This recite describes how life progresses in an endless(prenominal) cycle even in the event of the death. The effect of the O and ecphonesis mark at the end punctuates the speakers frustration that life still continues to go on.The speaker takes on a tone of bitterness that the world is not morning with him. O, well for the sailor lad, that he sings in his boat on the bay In contrast, the use of an exclamation mark in Crossing the bar demonstrates the speakers excitement of death instead of feelings of enragement. Sunset and evening star, And one clear call for me This shows how the speaker is compliant of death because it is their own life and they are ready, however in Break break break the speaker is demoralised because death has taken their friend without warning.Crossing the Bar and Break break break both present death powerfully, however Break brea k break may appear more powerful because it uses an expression of grief caused by loss and uses intense emotions, like anguish. indeed again, to some extent I do agree that Crossing the Bar contains the most powerful presentation of death in the anthology, especially in comparison with Morte DArthur. A similarity between Crossing the Bar and Morte DArthur is that they both discuss religion and relate them to death.King Arthurs death in Morte DArthur can be seen as an allegory for the loss of honour and chivalry in an increasingly materialistic age. And the days darken around me, and the years, among new men, strange fountains, other minds. Arthur and his knights at the round mesa can be interpreted as Jesus and his disciples. But now the whole round prorogue has dissolved, which was an image of a mighty world. The presentation of death here appears powerful because it is the removal of a high authority, which has followers and commitrs just like religion. If a God is removed, then the religion will fall asunder because it no longer has a leader.This makes the death of Arthur seem even more significant because it represents the collapse of civilisation. Ah My manufacturing business Arthur, whither shall I go? However, Crossing the Bar uses religious connotations such as crossing to describe the speakers journey into the next world or crossing into faith and devotion. Tennyson complements this metaphorical link with a spiritual one as he hopes he will see his Pilot face to face. This can also be interpreted as Tennyson hopes to see Hallam in the Pilot, however it is more believably that Tennyson is discussing a Christian God.This is because seeing God face to face is a biblical theme and the intonation from life to death in Christianity allows people to join God in heaven, which is beyond Time and patch. The presentation of death in Crossing the Bar may appear the most powerful because remote Morte DArthur, death be contends an end that is not confus ing. In Morte DArthur Arthur goes to Avilion, which could be a metaphor for heaven. However, he leaves behind a disorientated world with a lack of guidance. In comparison, the bar in Crossing the Bar is also a metaphor for heaven, but the crossing is far more peaceful and conclusive.To conclude, I believe that Crossing the Bar contains the most powerful presentation of death because in contrast to Break break break Tennyson is conclusive he is being valiant about his own deaf or has come to terms with the grief of his friend and is ready to be reunited with him. And may there be no moaning of the bar. Even the structure of the poem can represent the shortness of life. By having fewer words, they can continue more control and capture the attention of the reader. In contrast, Morte DArthur is longer and this makes the presentation of death less powerful because the meaning may be lost as the poem is read.

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The Rise of Vampires Essay Example for Free

The Rise of Vampires EssayVampires welcome become prominent protagonists and antagonists in numerous books, poems, movies and television set series. As such, their origin and basis have become quite vague. The rise of the concept of vampires is capable of some(prenominal) interpretations in various cultures and localities. However, this scattering of cultural roots solitary(prenominal) serves to promote the possibleness that vampires are real. This subject will show that vampirism is nothing more than a misunderstood medical condition manifesting in especial(a) groups of persons.Moreover, vampirism has evolved to become simply a literary tool for creative writers and film makers. At the present time a vampire is typically characterized as a creature that feasts on the blood of humans (Barber, 6). literary productions has adorned vampires with several other features other than the typical drinking of blood. From the different interpretations of authors it may be shown tha t a vampire was believed to have fangs, to be vulnerable to sunlight, and to be immortal (Bunson, 131).During the early descriptions of vampires they were also characterized as having over-embellished bruises on their skin or as having dark skin. In recent literary descriptions however the vampire has taken on a simple depiction as having pale white skin. The most favourite depiction of a vampire is Bram Stokers Dracula. Dracula was portrayed as an antagonist in the story and he became quite feared because of his prowess in victimizing those whose blood he sought. In later historic period the vampire would also play the role of protagonist either fighting against its own kind, such as in the 1998 movie Blade.The vampire would also be pitted against other folklore creatures such as the werewolf, as in the 2003 movie Underworld or in the Stephenie Meyer saga Twilight. Despite the changes that vampires have undergone the literary creations have to be set aside to understand whether there is factual or historic basis to support the claims propounded. It was show that a Romanian prince, Vlad, had once used unusual methods of executing his enemies by having their heads chopped off and impaled on top of a long pole (Florescu, 148-149).The blood dripping down the pole would then be collected into goblets from which Vlad the Impaler would drink (Florescu, 149). He is said to have partly inspired the creation of the character estimate Dracula. The Countess Dracula is far removed from Vlad the Impaler. Elizabeth Bathory was said to have participated in the killing of numerous virgins and women (McNally, 59). The killing of 600 women were imputed upon Bathory although she was only convicted for the killing of 80 (McNally, 59).Rumors as to her purpose for doing so grew and expanded to involve vampire-like attributions. Apart from the imputation of vampire growth on such historic figures, vampirism has also been theorized to be related to the onset of porphyrias. This is an infirmity which manifests with purplish wound on the skin and with heightened sensitivity to sunlight (Warren, Rohl, Hunt, 54). Because these symptoms were closely related and similar to the characterizations of early vampires, patients suffering from this illness were often subjected to suspicion, fear, and stigma.However, the associations between vampirism and porphyrias have been largely disqualified and greatly contested. The symptoms related to vampire characteristics are some and paint a limited picture of what porphyrias truly is. Vlad the Impaler was found to have suffered from this disease, showing why batch may have established a connection between vampires and the disease. However, many historical figures were found to have suffered from the disease as well and the only attributable cause was the in-breeding practices of nobles in the old days.Porphyrias is a genetic disorder and so the probability of manifestation is increased when both parents have historie s of the disease in their agate line (McNally, 148). King George III is suspected of having suffered from this disease as evidenced by his actions evidencing delusion and insanity (Warren et al. , 294). This theory finds a stronger foothold in light of the lineage of King George III. Mary Queen of Scots, a orchestrate ascendant of King George III was found to have had well documented attacks attributable to porphyrias, as did her make James V of Scotland (Warren et al., 285). The above discussions show that vampirism is no more than a series of atrocities conducted by historical figures and related diseases associated with them. The misconstruing of the relations between the atrocities and diseases have led to the evolution of a mythical creature cognize as the vampire. However, despite the historical bases, there is no evidence to show that the vampire of lore exists or ever existed. The incontrovertible conclusion is that vampires are mere character tools in literature and fil mmaking injecting mystery into a setting similar to our own surroundings.Works CitedBarber, Paul. Vampires, Burial and Death Folklore and Reality. New York Yale University Press, 1988. Bunson, Matthew. The Vampire Encyclopedia. London Thames Hudson, 1993. Florescu, Radu R. , and McNally, Raymond T. In Search of Dracula. New York Houghton Mifflin, 1994. McNally, Raymond T. Dracula Was a Woman In Search of the Blood Countess of Transylvania. New York McGraw Hill, 1983. Warren, Martin, Rohl, fast one C. G. , and Hunt, David C. Purple secret genes, madness and the Royal houses of Europe. London Bantam, 1998.

Setting Up A Moral System Essay Example for Free

Setting Up A Moral System canvasThe inst bothation of a object lesson corpse is vital in every society. Yet, every moral system must deal with the major betrothaling general moral step ups Consequentialism versus Non-consequentialism Self versus Other-Interestedness Act Utilitarianism versus Rule Utilitarianism and emotion versus reason. When all four knowledge domains are combined and examined there are conflicting views that must be proposed. prototypic of all, there is the rationalise of Consequentialism and Non-consequentialism. Consequentialism is best exposit by utilitarianism, where conclusions are based on the consequences of the import of the decision made. On the other hand, non-consequentialism is best described as an ethical theory that is based not on the consequences of the action, but on some higher moral standard that is placed upon them. Examples of non-consequentialism are Kants Duty ethics and Divine Command Theory. The conflict between the two i s whether to do what is best according to the outcome or company what one feels as the higher moral standard would require them to adhere to. Personally, I would resolve this area by choosing the consequentialist belief as my tool for judgement because I feel that large number fate to think astir(predicate) the consequences of their actions because if they dont then it will cause havoc in the society.Thus, I feel that consequentialism is the prissy solution in this area. Secondly, there is the conflict between Self versus Other-Interestedness. The concept of self is best described as being selfish and only caring some oneself without worrying about what might go on to others. While the concept of other-interestedness is basically putting the needs of everyone else over your own (this is similar to utilitarianism). The big conflict is that most people are going to choose themselves first, but if this were a perfect society the people would worry about everyone first. If people would think about it, then they figure it out that they are include in everyone. Therefore, in this area I would solve the problem by choosing the theory of other-interestedness. Next, there is the issue of the act utilitarianism versus the rule utilitarianism. The act approach to utilitarianism is that a person should perform acts that will bring about the greatest good for the greatest number.On the other hand, the rule approach to utilitarianism is that people establish and follow rules which will bring about the greatest good for the greatest number. The major conflicting moral issue is whether or not there is freedom involved in the decision making process. Act utilitarianism break-dances outright freedom, while rule utilitarianism gives virtually no freedom, but rule utilitarianism gives structure and stability to the society. The best means to solve this area would be to have rule utilitarianism and act utilitarianism combined so that you have rules to give some structure to society but have the ability for the people to be allowed to express their soulfulness freedoms in the society.Thus, I feel that a combination of the two is the best way solve this area of the moral system. Finally, there is the issue between reason and emotion. Reason is described as thinking about what the outcome of the decision would be, then making the decision. The theory of emotion is reacting to ones emotions without thinking about the possible outcome of the situation. In this situation one has to side with reason because if not the society would have people reacting to their emotions all the time which could chaos and would not fit into a utopian society. All of these four areas combined would dish in establish an upright and proper moral system when applied correctly. I feel that the decisions that I made earlier in this essay are the proper ones needed for a good moral system.

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In the country of men Essay Example for Free

In the country of men EssayHisham Matar presents In the agricultural of workforce as a depicted object allegory. This is dvirtuoso through fictions, personification, and characters relationships. His purposes for writing this novel were political. A internal allegory is any attri only ifion of hu cosmos characteristics to other animals, non-living things, material states, objects or abstract concepts, such as organizations or organisations1 of a nation or its people. 2 Fredric Jameson, with ideas more suitable for the novel than Aijaz Ahmad, was first to animadvert of national allegory.3 Jameson states that third-world exoterications must be a national allegory because of the state of its fort culture and inn. A political dimension is always present from the nature of the third-world as opposed to capitalist economy in the first-world, which enables their public and government to focus on luxuries rather than survival. Ahmed argues that Jameson fails to recognize othe r third-world novels with different forms of literature because he only considers English written novels.4 In times of war when the government controls the publics lives, third-world writers can only search to write in a national allegory, otherwise, torture would be eminent. Political dimensions are always present from the nature of the third-world. National allegory writing emphasizes the political location of the government. 5 Hisham Matar wrote In the Country of Men for a political purpose. The book may be fiction, but it seems to be drawn upon by real-life events. Writers then were tortured by the revolutionary commissioning and imprisoned, quasi(prenominal) to Ustath Rashid.An discourse with Matar reads Because of the fear Gadhafi inspired in the intellectual community, many Libyan writers turned to allegory to make their employment opaque to the regime. But Matars own writing is more forthright about political experiences he says that when he decided to set his novel in Libya in the late 1970s, it seemed inauthentic and insincere to not imply the extraordinary details of the time. 6 Writers created allegories so that their ideas on the Libyan regime would not be transparent. Those who were caught were imprisoned.Books were gathered from bookshops and burned like Babas were, therefore representing a national allegory. The fact that Matar grew up in Cairo influences the ending of the novel and other aspects of the storyline. His father was kidnapped from his home in Cairo and taken keystone to Libya where he was tortured and imprisoned, corresponding with Babas capture. His uncle and two cousins were imprisoned as well. When they were finally released, his uncle would ask him if he remembered things they used to do together.7 The child memories recounted inspired the innocence of having a child narrator to be an allegory of the younger generation of the nation, therefore representing a national allegory for a political purpose. The go and son rep resent two generations of the country. Their intimate relationship and care for one another is a metaphor for how the country should care for their people and their people towards it. Both are inferior in society, Mama a woman and Suleiman a child. It seems that the title of the novel demonstrates that they are controlled by the men of society.They rely on one another to survive when Baba, the superior figure, is gone. Mama and Suleiman are the only functioning relationship from start to end. The arrest cares for her son and compensates him if she does something wrong. Suleiman cares for her and watches after her while Baba is away. They can represent hope for a new and better government in Libya to come. Metaphors and imagery of water compare people and society to actions of the sea, exposing the novel as a national allegory. When Ustath Rashid was hung the crowd responded Like a wave rising, cheering became louder.8 The crowd flowed together in a solid movement, influenced by the revolutionary committees actions. Those who associated with writers against the revolution were suspected of treason. If the crowd of the hanging did not cheer, they may be hung next. Suleiman and Mama were not allowed to talk to Kareems family when his father was accused. The revolution moved as one and like a wave, gathering others as it moved forward. Suleiman finds a calming peace with the voiced waves of the sea. It was the only hope he could find in the revolution. I held the sea as my target, my paradise..Low wavelets curve their white foamy edges across the turquoise face of the water. 9 He uses the sea to leave from the heat of the day and the pressures of society. The edges are more subtle than the centre. He stays on the edge of society so he can escape the movement of the revolution. The motions of the sea can be unknown and dangerous, similar to the movement of the revolution. Matar uses personification to dehumanize characters. This shows that this novel is a natio nal allegory. Baba becomes an object once the revolutionary committee release him.His eyes were described as tomatoes10 and his movements as mechanical. 11 He was nothing but a figure12 and a monster. 13 Suleiman did not believe the man was his father. This eliminates any human aspects he once had, being consumed by the revolution. The revolutionary committee controls the public by turning their lives into objects. Therefore, personification shows how Matar wrote this as a national allegory. By analyzing metaphors, personification, and characters relationships, it is evident that Matar wrote In the Country of Men as a national allegory.The interview with Matar provides evidence that his intentions behind the novel, personal and political, were to write it as a national allegory. Jamesons ideas on the nature of third-world text hold for this novel. The objectifying and dehumanization of characters through metaphors and personification mount a meaning for the novel beyond a struggli ng family, but a national allegory. Bibliography Ahmad, Aijaz, Jamesons Rhtoric of Otherness and the National Allegory, Social Text, 17 (1987), 3-25.Anthropomorphism, Wikipedia (13 November 2012) 25 November 2012. Jameson, Fredric, Third World Literature in the Era of Multinational Capitalism, Social Text, 15 (1986), 65-88. Krishnan, Madhu. Contemporary lying Booker Prize, (Lecture 1 tending(p) on 13 November 2012). Matar, Hisham, In the Country of Men (80 Strand, London WC2R ORL, England Penguin Books Ltd. , 2006). Montagne, Renee, Hisham Matar On The Power Of Libyan Fiction, NPR (April 28, 2011) , 23 November 2012. National Personification, Wikipedia (16 November 2012) 25 November 2012.

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Richard Branson and the Virgin Group of Companies in 2007 Essay Example for Free

Richard Branson and the utter(a) mathematical group of Companies in 2007 EssayA. Problem Summary Richard, you will end up in prison or as a millionaire. These are the words of the headmaster of Stowe, a private boarding school Branson dropped aside at 17. His success started by publishing a magazine called Student, then he moved on to mail order records. This is where the Virgin Group started. Richard Branson has formulateed his pit in a large mannikin of markets. The everywhere-familiarity of the Virgin brand has caused the consumers to not take the brand in a serious manner. One great power argue that he stretched his brand too thin.This lack of focus and over-diversification could result in further over investments in projects that do not hold a steady future. In this paper we will stop down the strategic of sense of apparent entrepreneurial chaos. We will address topics overmuch(prenominal) as get a line resources, dominant logic, characteristics of markets that conform to this logic, and designing a corporate strategy and structure. B. Analysis Key Resources o Virgin Brand The Virgin design is the groups most important asset. The group is involved in a variety of different business ranging from airlines, books, jewelry to limousines.The Virgin Brand strives for value for m peerlessy, good quality, resplendent customer service, innovation, combatively challenging and fun. The customers receive these attributes in a variety of ways. This is the brands competitive advantage. o Branson Bransons eccentric personality, laid-back look and charisma are the essence of the Virgin brand. Branson somatic the spirit of New Britain to his generation because of his image and entrepreneurial spirit. Branson acted as a magnet for potential entrepreneurs his brand actively encouraged the creating of fresh business ideas to its development office in London, Sidney and New York.Bransons showdown to corporate offices led him to conduct business from fami ly homes, houseboats, and vacation homes. His image exuded a carefree approach to exploring impudent ventures. Branson was impressed by the Japanese approach to business. Their long-term development and focus on organic harvest were the key points Branson admired. His net pretending skills started a very young age. His first team was comprised of childhood friend Nik Powell, and affluent individuals such as Simon Draper and Mike Oldfield.Key focusing of the Virgin Group is the informal relations between Branson and a small core of long-term associates who form the senior management team of the group. Branson considers cash flow and pileus value as important performance indicators, rather than concentrating in accounting profits. His tendency to avoid short-term taxable profits makes his approach ideal, concentrating in long-term neat growth rather. Dominant Logic The superpower of the Virgin Group to operate effectively with so little structure or management systems owes muc h to the groups unique organizational culture.This is defined almost entirely by Bransons management style. His style reflects his sense of fun, disrespect for hierarchy and formal authority, commitment to employees and consumers and belief in hard work and individual responsibility. Characteristics of Markets that Conform to this Logic o Consumer Branson wanted to offer consumers a new deal by continually being on the lookout for business opportunities. Branson did so by involving venture with direct gross revenue to consumers and passing on the cost savings from bypassing traditional distribution channels. o Dominant IncumbentBransons Virgin Travel is the dominant incumbent Virgin brand company. Post 2002 recovery in the airline industry, Virgin Travel was able to turn the largest profit of the Virgin Groups. o High Entry Barriers to opposite Start-ups The airline and galactic companies both involve high entry barriers and significant start up costs. In addition to costs, Branso n also had to negotiate with governments in order to receive approval. o Branson/Virgin Image Appeals to Customers Branson believed in multiple companies interlocking through managerial and equity linkages in a collaborative network.He naturalized this by having small companies combined and believes small is beautiful with strength through unity. Branson is a strong aid of sticking it to the large corporations. Designing a Corporate Strategy and Structure o Business stumper Virgin Group is built upon the theory of creating an entrepreneurial incubator and diversifying the corporation as much as possible. Branson does not want his best people to leave the company and start their own ventures. Instead, he prefers to develop them into millionaires within. The company is focused on diversifying into many markets.Some of these markets include travel, jewelry, entertainment, records, and mobile. His corporate strategy is focused on cash flow and capital value. He wants to increase his companys real value and a long-term cash generation potential. He does not care about his accounting profit. o oddball of Structure The Virgin Group is structured as if they are 150 small companies. Each one stands on its own two feet, as if they are their own companies. Employees have a stake in their success. They feel they are crucial to their individual company because they are one-in-fifty or one-in a hundred instead of one-in-tens-of-thousands.All of the companies are under the Virgin umbrella, but none of them are looked at, as simply a subsidiary. C. Alternatives As for the scope for New Approaches to Customer Service, Branson wants to create value for the customers entering with a new anti-establishment attitude, which want to offer customers a better election. Branson hoped to bring a breath of fresh air. Virgins excellent customer service approach strived to be friendly, human, and relaxed professional but not corporate. According to the pecuniary results of select Virgin Companies from 2004 to 2006.Virgin Retail Limited had a negative net profit in 2004. This branch of Virgin could be looked at to potentially divest. In order to maintain the Virgin name a success. Branson may look to consolidate some of his different brands in the future. With the threat of Britains capital gains tax laws, this could eliminate the advantages of multiple off shore companies, which Branson is involved in. D. Recommendation We feel the best alternative for Branson and his Virgin Brand would be to look into divesting out of some markets and focusing more on a smaller scale.Richard should look into investing more into the companies that are performing well and stray from unprofitable, high-risk markets. If Branson looks at the financial standpoint of his companies and possibly divest in the poor performing ones, he could potentially be more successful. Overall, Branson has been mostly successful in his quest for Virgin dominance. There is some room for utility in Bransons strategies however, he is going to do what Branson wants to do. And this strategy has obviously been successful thus far.

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In the name of the father Essay Example for Free

In the name of the father EssayOften a exact conveys a message about a character through various film techniques. This is true in the film In The Name of the Father. This story is mainly about a young man who is arrested for a crime he did not commit and how a relationship between father and son deepens throughout the tragedy. The main character, Gerry Conlon, is first portrayed to the viewer as an unruly rebel but is later develop into a more docile and compliant character. The director, Jim Sheridon, uses film techniques such as costume excogitation, dialogue and lengthened metaphors to convey the development of Gerry as a character.1st paragraph -1st time we see gerry, scruffy, uncut -costume design baggy jeans, long hair, dirty appearance -gives idea that gerry doesnt c ar about his appearance or what people suppose of him -as film progresses he sharpens up appearance -combed pulled back hair 2nd -change overly shown through dialogue -lawyer asks him if he is scared of the court -he replies i just dont indigence to be humiliated again -this brief piece of dialogue shows that he has now changed and does care what others think of him -helps viewer understand how desperate an innocent man can be in the fight for justice3rd -use of ext cobblers lasted metaphor -viewer sees lawyer gareth pierce driving through a long tunnel while listening to gerrys story -this could be viewed as an extended metaphor for the long dark driveway gerry has gone down while fighting the legal system -as the story draws to a conclusion she reaches the end of the tunnel, or the light at the end of the tunnel -could refer to the point in the story where gerry and the others are finally set free

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Ethnic Identity Essay Example for Free

Ethnic identity operator EssayIntroduction Many studies on the academic accomplishments of Mangyans prove to be so beneficial to many enthusiasts concerned with endemic peoples naturaliseing. A critical look on the take aims of check perspectives and selfesteem of Buhid Mangyan pupils in Mirayan, Buong Lupa and Pakpaklawin Elementary works serves as a springboard in drawing deeper implication how these potential variables actu totallyy impact on their academic functioning as priority learners in the school.Based on the actual observation of the researcher, the change magnitude number of Buhid Mangyan enrollees in the schools for the last five years overconfidently indicates their improved appreciation of formal learning and trainings as a capital means to enrich their social, economic and heathenish casts. Given all the opportunities to develop their innate potentials, the Buhid Mangyan pupils argon able to cope with the learning environs they be in however, a set of many patent problems as regards to how they will efficaciously learn and bring to pass atomic number 18 seen.Because most of the pupils in Mirayan, Buong Lupa and Pakpaklawin Elementary Schools bear in farther-flung communities, most of them usually report to class late, an otherwise(prenominal)wises freighternot simply present themselves in the replete(p) whole day of classes, round quantifys they p relate to be absent in the afternoon to help bulge their p arnts do some house chores for girls. The male Buhid Mangyans on the other hand, go out to the field to plant, relieve championself c be and feed their animals and perform other labor intensive household activities deal cutting woods for cooking, fetching water to drink and others. These economic factors are potential hindrances why the Buhid Mangyan pupils remain left fag end compared with their counterparts among Hanunuo and Alangan assemblages.The very(prenominal) factors seemingly bear direct impa ct on the take of office of the Buhid Mangyan pupils which they most usually manifest in their thoughtfulness towards learning, claim habits, preparation of projects readiness to learn and participation in schoolroom activities. Although they are interested to learn, their capability to respond to the teachers counselling appears to be at a dismal level due to hunger, uneasy air and timidity. The result indicates that the Buhid Mangyan pupils cannot perform on time their assignments and prepare projects because most of their time is spent for earning a living as their form of support to their parents.The lingering personal effects of these patterns of behavior results in the low-level esteem they scent at the midst of frustration and discomfort, which in the process, results in the lack of step time for sensible socialization with various groups of people, thus, a looking ating of isolation from the mainstream community leads to dwindling individualist morale, and failu re to sustainably exhibit respect, pride, indigenization and deal of cultural beliefs and traditions they ought to keep up deeply rooted in themselves. In the same manner, the most obvious effect of the state to which they are in is the copulationly low terminus of academic achievement of the Buhid Mangyan pupils.The foregoing statement implies that the experiences of Buhid Mangyan pupils are veritablely unique to themselves being in an purlieu that induces their patterns of actions and behavior. According to Llyod (2007), whatever heathenish affiliation a certain person belongs to, he has a certain set of value system and behavioral patterns being practiced and adopted. The value system of the family and constituent members plays a big factor in the importance habituated to education, the value of child labor, gender discrimination that thwart girls from attending school to work and discrimination in pay based on sex or type of work of children.For Connolly (2009), the ide a of culturality relates to the actual condition of Buhid Mangyan pupils from Mirayan, Buong Lupa and Pakpaklawin Elementary Schools in Gloria District. Ethnicity plays a major authority in many peoples lives which sometimes have a dictatorial influence. It helps people direct and understand their needs, while the negative influence includes can be prejudice and discrimination.The valid connection surrounded by academic achievements and level of position and esteem of Buhid learners can still be best assessed with the application of creativity, accepted appreciation by the 1 / 17 teachers of the holistic indistinguishability of the learners. As diversely unique individuals with special traits and experiences, there whitethorn as well be some good things about them the teachers can value so much as every individual has his own giftedness endowed to him. Problems underlying the mismatch amongst positive attitude and high esteem and the high level academic achievement of these learners can also be stopped from lingering when teachers continue to perform their sworn in function in the name of long exploitation aspired for by the national government.By discovering and exploring the hidden talents of Buhid Mangyan learners, chances are that their concept of education can improve. In support to this, the Philippines, as a geographically and ethno- linguistically diverse country, has long undertaken initiatives in rangeing and educating gifted individuals. The preponderance of psychometric assessments in identifying gifted individuals, however, research investigating natal conceptions of giftedness has been scanty (Orosa amp Fernandez, 2008).Given all these scenarios, the researcher derived inspiration from the current situation in which Buhid Mangyans are in, because this plain provided hard data on the level of attitude and esteem of the respondents and how these probatoryly relate to their academic achievements. This undertaking would also she d sort out to the fact that a needed improvement in treating the Buhid Mangyan is just a necessity to make them feel they are as important as other cultural groups inhabiting the province in general and the Municipality of Gloria in particular. Theoretical Framework This issue is strengthened by concepts from educational and psychological theories that relate to learners attitude, esteem and academic achievements.Classical Conditioning possible action Berliner (2007) espoused that Ivan Pavlovs Classical Conditioning Theory describes how stimuli that occur together whitethorn come to evoke similar responses. It also describes how pay offs shape and maintain behavior. This supports the idea that the Buhid Mangyan pupils can be shake up or motivated to interact with the mainstream community without thinking of their ethnicity.This can be done by school managers and teachers as well when Buhid Mangyan pupils get the equal amount of recognition from these people, which will insulat e them to exhibit positive traits and behavior towards learning and achieving academically. Capitalizing on their good attitude and esteem as individuals, Buhid Mangyan pupils can be given a chance to discover their strengths and contribution to individual using by showing responsibility, independence and love of work. Attribution and Psychosocial Theories Lilienfeld et al. (2010) state that the Attribution Theory proposed by Fritz Heider, describes the role of motivation in a persons advantage or failure in school situations.Success on a test, for instance, could be attributed to luck or hard work the theory predicts the behavior of students depending on their responses. The theory of the Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget that intellectual ability is qualitatively different at different ages and that children need interaction with the environment to gain intellectual capacity has influenced all of education and psychology.This new concept of intelligence affected the design of lea rning environments for young children and the evolution of mathematics and science programs. The various concepts discussed in the theories mentioned in a higher place relate to the present playing area because dealing with the behavior of the Buhid Mangyan pupils may require a strict consideration of their attributes based on their cultural integration with the same or other groups of Mangyan who find comfort and convenience without inhibitions due to their commonalities and mutual understanding.However, teachers from the selected dewy-eyed school at Gloria District with Buhid Mangyan pupils can help themselves predict what patterns of behavior or attitude may be manifested by the pupils depending on how their unique attributes are regarded with a military manistic touch. The amount of extraordinary concern and care shown by school officials and teachers towards Buhid Mangyans can spur an increased level of esteem among them.This will eventually 2 / 17 result in the emergence of trust among pupils and a genius of fulfillment despite their cultural orientation. Theory of Behaviorism As cited by Kohlberg (2010), the Theory of Behaviorism highly-developed by B. F. Skinner in 1958 is anchored on three assumptions of learning. First, learning is manifested by a change in behavior. Second, the environment shapes behavior. And third, the principles of contiguity (how close in time two events must be for a bond to be formed) and reinforcement (any means of change magnitude the likelihood that an event will be repeated) are central to explaining the learning.For behaviorism, learning is the acquisition of new behavior through conditioning. The first conditioning is classical conditioning which describes that the behavior becomes a reflex response to stimulus while the other is the operant conditioning where there is reinforcement of the behavior by a reward or a punishment. The precepts of the theory have binding principles in the current thinks comprehensi on of attitude and esteem of Buhid Mangyans in relation to their academic achievements.This implies that there is an expected positive change in the behavior of Buhid Mangyan pupils once they feel they are motivated and highly esteemed leading to quality learning, which can be manifested by their high academic achievements. Because of the stimulating environment created collegially by the school community including their parents and themselves, they are also able to the positive effects of their environment to productive learning.In essence, the principles of contiguity (how close in time two events must be for a bond to be formed) and reinforcement (any means of increasing the likelihood that an event will be repeated) are central to explaining the learning, the Buhid Mangyan pupils can likewise appreciate that matching ideas they learn can lead to the fulfillment of their individual learning goals to get higher grades in the work areas discussed. All the discussed theories are helpful sources of theoretical precepts which may help the researcher justify the probable relationships between the paired supreme and low-level variables under study.Conceptual Framework Independent VariablesDependent Variable School carriage Attachment battle Commitment Beliefs in School Rules Ethnic Identity Cultural Identity Involvement in traditionalistic Activities Involvement in traditional Spirituality ego-Esteem Output Proposed Program/Activities to remediate Ethnic Identity, Self-Esteem and School Attitude of Grade V Buhid Mangyan Pupils in Gloria District 3 / 17 Figure1.Conceptual Framework of the Study Figure 1 shows the conceptual framework of the study. The independent variables are ethnic identity expressed in terms of cultural identification, link in traditional Buhid activities, traditional church property and self-assertion the dependent variable is the school attitude of students in terms of attachment, involvement, commission, and beliefs in school ru les.The lines with the cursor from the two independent variables going to the dependent variable show the hypothesized relationship between the these variables. The two-tailed arrow connecting the independent variables, ethnic identity and self-assertion shows the perceived relationship between these variables. Whereas, the two broken lines from the independent and dependent variables pointing downward lead to the proposed plan that may strengthen or sustain the ethnic identity, self-conceit, and school attitude of Buhid Mangyans. Statement of the Problem This study focused on ethnic identity, self-esteem and school attitudes of Buhid Mangyan pupils in the selected bare(a) schools at Gloria District.Specifically, it sought to answer the following questions What aspects of ethnic identity are practiced by the Buhid Mangyan pupils in the selected principal(a) schools at Gloria District, eastern Mindoro? What is the level of self-esteem of the Buhid Mangyan pupils in the selected elementary schools at Gloria District, eastern Mindoro? What is the level of school attitude of the Buhid Mangyan pupils in the selected elementary schools at Gloria District Gloria, Oriental Mindoro?Is there a significant relationship between ethnic identity and school attitude of the Buhid Mangyan pupils in the selected elementary schools at Gloria District, Oriental Mindoro? Is there a significant relationship between self-esteem and school attitude of Buhid Mangyan pupils in the selected elementary schools at Gloria District, Oriental Mindoro? Is there a significant relationship between ethnic identity and self-esteem of the Buhid Mangyan Pupils in the selected elementary schools at Gloria District? What programs/activities can be undertaken by the schools to sustain/strengthen ethnic identity and self-esteem to improve the school attitudes of the Buhid Mangyan pupils in the selected elementary schools at Gloria District, Oriental Mindoro?Hypotheses The study proposes the follo wing hypotheses There is a significant relationship between ethnic identity and school attitudes of the Buhid Mangyan pupils in the selected elementary schools at Gloria District, Oriental Mindoro. There is a significant relationship between self-esteem and school attitudes of the Buhid Mangyan pupils in the selected elementary schools at Gloria District, Oriental Mindoro. There is a significant relationship between ethnic identity and self-esteem of the Buhid Mangyan pupils in the selected elementary schools at Gloria District, Oriental Mindoro.Significance of the Study This study may be of great contribution to different groups of people who are openly engaged in the educative development of pupils in the Department of Education (DepEd) and its stakeholders. Buhid Mangyan pupils may be able to appreciate this study as a source of credible in constitution on how their school attitude, self-esteem and school attachment help them feel as proud members of a Mangyan ethnic group. The i nformation to be gathered may also alter them to relate these factors to their academic achievement.Thus, this study may serve as an eye-opener to them insofar as their cultural authenticity, self-esteem as individual member of a Mangyan community would be given just consideration through an academic and professional study. Being the principal beneficiaries of this study, they may likewise be given the means to contemplate how their personal attributes determine their academic standing, from which they could identify their most like and 4 / 17 least liked subject area/s as herein enumerated. Buhid Mangyan parents may come across with assessment results pertaining to the effects of their childrens attitude and self-esteem on their academic performance.As the childrens immediate environment at home, they may assess the intensity of the need for their children to be provided with parental support, particularly moral and spiritual steering to make them obedient, compliant and value- laden members of society. The parents may be able to increase the amount and quality of time required for the pupils to learn to an optimum level. Teachers of the Buhid Mangyan pupils may be given sound reference to reinforce the psycho-social and analytical competence in learning to make their classrooms for the pupils conducive, welcoming and adhere to the principle of cultural diversity and ethnicity.The findings of this study may encourage them to undertake necessary measures to further increase the potential of Buhid Mangyan pupils to show positive attitude relative to learning behavior, study habits, preparation of projects, readiness to learn and participation in classroom activities. The idea of quality instruction, anchored on indigenization may be developed in the teachers because this study may change them to gain deeper understanding of how the level of esteem of the Buhid Mangyan pupils contributes to socialization, exhibition of respect, pride, practice of indigeni zation and love of cultural beliefs and traditions.The results on the assessed academic achievement of pupils metric by the grade they obtain in different subjects may help them determine how well their instruction and the Buhid pupils attitude and esteem serve as determinants of performance. The school principals of the selected public elementary schools with indigenous people-pupils may be able to use the recommendations of the researcher to improve the state of instruction among Buhid Mangyan pupils at all levels.This is because the information of the respondents attitude and esteem may be used as his/her basis in preparing a more indigenized and inclusive academic programs designed to enrich their overall potentials as learners. The usefulness of class observation may also be justified by the results of this study because as school administrators they could provide their teachers with inputs on how to deal effectively with the learning needs of Buhid learners. Mangyan historian s and writers may make use of the entire study as supplemental data to be included in write-ups on Buhid pupils behavior, esteem and their appreciation of formal educational trainings to enhance their socio-economic status.The findings, conclusions and recommendations of this study may be considered as documents for their deeper treatment of the cultural background on Buhid Mangyans who now experience development through education, which can be compared with other ethnic groups of Mangyans. Officials of the Office for the Southern Cultural Communities (OSCC) and other mystical non- government organizations like the Mangyan Mission, National natal Peoples Coalition (NIPC) may regard this study very useful.They may be supplied with factual information on the financial, material and other relevant educational needs of the tribal group, which they could consider as instrumental in the fulfillment of national governments thrust to improve the plight of indigenous peoples in the provinc e of Oriental Mindoro. Future researchers may also put prime value on this study as their back up local study should they perform a professional study dealing on Mangyan attitudes, esteem and academic performance. The whole study may support their claim that educational development among Mangyans continues to be observable, thus deeper analysis and interpretation of colligate variables and indicators can be delved. Scope and Delimitation of the Study.The pupils ethnic identity, self-esteem and school attitude as an expression of cultural identity and their school attachment as independent and dependent variables in this study were assessed by the researcher. These were inter-paired to determine each significantly related to one another. After the analysis and interpretation of the variables and their indicators, the researcher came up with a plan to improve the school attitude and self-esteem of the Buhid Mangyan pupils for their cultural 5 / 17 development. This study is limited t o the Buhid Mangyan pupils from Mirayan, Buong Lupa and Pakpaklawin.Elementary Schools. The Buhid Mangyan pupils will be chosen base on the fact that the selected elementary schools has the biggest people of Buhid Mangyan pupils. Definition of Terms The researcher define all the terms used in this study to enable its readers to gain deeper understanding of what this study is all about. Attachment refers to the developed intimacy of Buhid pupils with the school officials, teachers and all members of the school organization which enable them to grow as individuals. Belief in school rules are the assessed perceptions of the Buhid Mangyan on the pertinence of school policies, how these are implemented and how pupils comply with.Buhid Mangyans refer to one of the eight recognized ethnic groups of Mangyans, largely residing in the upland communities of Gloria in Oriental Mindoro. Commitment determines the school attachment of Buhid Mangyan pupils in which they show their willingness to perform their academic tasks. Cultural identification refers to the common cultural practices recognized by Hanunuo Mangyans that make them distinct from the other ethnic groups in Mindoro.Ethnic identity pertains to how individuals interpret and understand their ethnicity and, specifically, the compass point to which they identify with their ethnic group (Phinney, 1996). Involvement means the active participation of the Buhid Mangyan pupils in classroom, academic and non- academic activities of the school for their holistic development. School Attitude and Self-Esteem Plan refer to the output of the researcher which guides the implementation of relevant cultural development programs anchored on school attitude, self-esteem and school attachment. School attachment of Grade V Buhid Mangyan Pupils describes the respondents as to their commitment, attachment, involvement and belief in school rules.School attitude refers to the statement of cultural identity of the Buhid Mangyan pupil s in Gloria District. self-confidence of the Buhid Mangyan pupils pertains to the level of morale and pride felt by the Buhid Mangyan pupils as member of the said ethnic group. Traditional activities refer to social activities reflecting aspects of agriculture in which Buhid Mangyans involved themselves in. Traditional spirituality refers to the practice of religious activities of the Buhid Mangyans. CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE.This chapter presents all the related literature and studies which support the discussion of the researcher on ethnic identity, level of self-esteem and school attitude of Buhid Mangyan pupis in Mirayan, Buong Lupa and Pakpaklawin Elementary Schools in Gloria District. Ethnic Identity Identity development is critical for individuals because it is during this process that they discover who they are and who they hope to become. A fundamental social environment that influences the development of a self-identity is ethnic group membership (Markstrom -Adams, 1992).Ethnic identity pertains to how individuals interpret and understand their ethnicity and, specifically, the degree to which they identify with their ethnic group (Phinney, 1996). The impact of ethnic identity is especially relevant in heterogeneous societies, such as the United States, where minority groups and a dominant social group coexist (Rosenthal, 1987). From the above cited literature, it was found out that ethnic identity has relationships with psychological well-being, and it has effects on the contextual factors in adolescents lives that may influence or interact with their ethnic identity development.Contextual factors such as family, school, and community are linked with ethnic identity because it is within these contexts that adolescents lives are embedded (Bronfenbrenner, 1989 Garcia Coll et al. , 1996). According to Eriksons (1968) identity formation perspective, it is through exploration of options (sometimes experienced through 6 / 17 crises) and firm commitments to ideologies and an occupation that individuals come to achieve a secure identity.Marcia (1980) furthered Eriksons ideas by developing four identity statuses with which to operationalize Eriksons theoretical notions. Individuals are classified into the statuses based on the presence or absence of a decision-making period (i. e. , exploration) and the extent of their commitment in the domains of occupation, ideologies, and interpersonal values (Marcia, 1994). Phinney further extended these ideas by examining Marcias statuses in relation to ethnic identity development. According to Phinney (1990), ethnic identity development is a process that takes place.The above-mentioned reviews on the concepts of ethnic identity find fitness in this study because they stress the idea that ethnic identity development is linked with factors such as family, school, and community because it is within these contexts that adolescents lives are embedded. Self-Esteem Self-Esteem is literally defined by how much value people place on themselves. It is the evaluative component of self-knowledge. High self-esteem refers to a highly favorable global evaluation of the self. Low self-esteem, by definition, refers to unfavorable definition of the self. Self esteem does not carry any definitional requirement of accuracy whatsoever.Thus, high self-esteem may refer to an accurate, justified, balanced appreciation of ones worth and ones successes and competencies, but it can also refers to an inflated, arrogant, grandiose, unwarranted sense of conceited superiority over others. By the same token, low self-esteem can be either an accurate, well-founded understanding of ones shortcoming as a person or a distorted, even pathological sense of insecurity and inferiority. School Attitude One aspect of school attitude that has been identified is school spirit. A component of school spirit which has particular relevance to adolescence is the belief that ones school is an adequate reflec tion of who they are (Coker amp Borders, 1996).Another way to understand the adolescence unbendable need to identify with school is through Finns (1989) identification participation model. Finn argues that that being able to identify with school is critical for adolescents school attitude and well-being. Jenkinss (1997) work with the school bond demonstrates measures of involvement in extracurricular activities including sports, clubs, and special school events is a strong predictor of school attitude. In keeping with Finns (1989) Identification-Participation model, school bonds represents involvement and engagement that also includes non-academic, school related activities.Involvement in Traditional Activities and SpiritualityPow-wows are community social gatherings that include traditional activities such as dance and song. It is also a celebration of tribal custom and cultural connectedness. Pow-wows begin by way of a grand entry with all dancers participating in honor of the e vent. A master of ceremony is the voice of the pow-wow to the singers, dancers, drums rotation, and informs the public in general. variant styles of dancing with traditional regalia are tended to(p) by drums and native songs. Traditional and contemporary foods are provided or sold along with the event.(Wright et al. 2001). The sweat lodge ceremony is traditional purification ceremony that inembodieds traditional notification, prayer, counseling, and sharing similar to a talking circle. It takes place in an enclosed space (lodge) with heated rocks, heat, and move (Mails, 1978). Tribes may vary to integrate their own customs, philosophies and traditional use of medicines during facilitation of the ceremony (Wright et al. 2011). Drumming groups are accompanied by native singing of traditional songs and intertwined with dancers at pow-wows of other cultural based tribal event.Roundhouse is a large ceremonial house where America Indian people gather together for ceremonial dances, si nging and prayer (Bibby, 1993). The Buhid Mangyans The Philippines has its vowed responsibility to provide accessible and quality education to all children. Here, all types of learners, regardless of their cultural groups and orientations are 7 / 17 included, even the Buhid Mangyans. Perpertua (2009) stated that schools do not use Moro languages as mediums of instruction to any significant extent nor do most of the civil service and governmental positions require smoothness in one of these languages, though they do demand fluency in Filipino.This creates a very strong obstacle to the full participation of the Moro Muslims in the countrys public and political life, and they remain vastly under-represented in categories of educational attainment and in civil service employment and political representation. Not only ordinary Filipinos should be provided by the state with opportunities to develop, but also and most important, those who belong to the marginalized sectors of society whi ch include the indigenous peoples (IPs) whose condition seems so irreparable.Postma (1967), retrieved from http//www. mangyan.org/content/buhid on December 22, 2013, states that the Buhids are known as pot makers. Other Mangyan tribes, like the Alangan and Hanunuo, used to buy their cooking pots from the Buhids. The word Buhid literally means mountain dwellers. As stated by Litis (1989), retrieved from Mangyan website on December 22,2013, Buhid women wear woven black and white brassiers called linagmon and a black and white shelve called abol. Unmarried women wear eubstance ornaments such as a braided nito belt (lufas), blue interweave earrings, beaded headband (sangbaw), beaded bracelet (uksong), and beaded long necklace (siwayang or ugot).The men wear g-strings. To enhance body beauty, the men wear ornaments like a long beaded necklace, tight choker (ugot) and beaded bracelet (uksong). Both sexes use an accessory bag called bay-ong for personal things like comb and knife. Toge ther with the Hanunuo, the Buhids in some areas possess a pre-Spanish syllabic writing system. The Buhid Mangyans live in the municipalities of Roxas, Bansud, Bongabong and some parts of Gloria and Mansalay in Oriental Mindoro, and in the municipalities of San Jose and Rizal in Occidental Mindoro.Mahusay (2008) said that financing educational and scholarship programs for Mangyan pupils as part of corporate social responsibility (CSR) agenda improves their quality of life. The firms CSR program not only involves education but also includes other social development projects such as nutrition, health and sanitation, livelihood, infrastructure and other community- oriented programs. Pestano (2008) said that community relations activities which normally involve many poor Mangyans included in educational grants that help them pursue their dream, enhance behavior and value their culture and heritage. Felipe (2007) defined the ethnography and culture of the Alangan Mangyans in order to dete rmine the extent of peace process and their level of indigenous sustainable development.The indigenous culture of the Mangyan Alangan was focused on the social, economic, political, and religious practices. The social practices were confined within the family in the esoken of the balaylakoy. The Mangyan also developed peace- making attitude in order to appease the spirit hovering over them. Failure to do so would mean disaster. They highly agreed on building structured democracy, interdependence, respect for the integrity of culture, respect for human rights and sharing of responsibilities as manifestation of peace process.Mallari (2007) asserted that Mangyans and other poor but deserving students in Oriental Mindoro receive educational support and take a step toward a brighter future, thanks to the efforts of a mining company that has made it a policy to extend assistance to the impoverished communities where it operates. Not far from the experiences of the Philippines, other count ries worldwide recognize the socio-economic significance of formal education and trainings to achieve total human development. Indigenous Knowledge (IK).Cotter (2011) asserted that indigenous knowledge (IK) is the local knowledge people unique to a culture or society passed from generation to generation through a wide range of other activities that sustain societies in many parts of the world, particularly in formal education. Harper (2011) stated that indigenous peoples have a broad knowledge of how to live sustainably. However, formal education systems disrupt the practical popular life aspects of indigenous knowledge and ways of learning, replacing them with abstract knowledge and academic ways of 8 / 17 learning. Today, there is a grave risk that much indigenous.

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