Saturday, 14 September 2019

Heart/ a&P/ Nursing

Chapter 12 A flat macular hemorrhage is called a(n): Purpura Risk factors that may lead to skin disease and breakdown include: a lifetime of environmental trauma. What term refers to a linear skin lesion that runs along a nerve route? Zosteriform The components of a nail examination include: contour, consistency, and color. An example of a primary lesion is a(n): urticaria. A scooped out, shallow depression in the skin is called a/an: erosion. Chapter 19The first heart sound is produced by the: closure of the AV valves. Which of the following guidelines may be used to identify which heart sound is S1? S1 coincides with the carotid artery pulse. Which of the following cardiac alterations occurs during pregnancy? An increase in cardiac volume and a decrease in blood pressure Which of the following is an appropriate position to have the patient assume when auscultating for extra heart sounds or murmurs? Roll toward the left sideThe leaflets of the tricuspid and mitral valves are anchore d by __________________ to the _________________, which are embedded in the ventricular floor. chordae tendineae; papillary muscles The ability of the heart to contract independently of any signals or stimulation is due to: automaticity. When auscultating the heart of a newborn within 24 hours after birth, the examiner hears a continuous sound that mimics the sound of a machine. This finding most likely indicates: an expected sound caused by nonclosure of the ductus arteriosus. You can read also Coronary Artery Disease Nursing Care PlanA bruit heard while auscultating the carotid artery of a 65-year-old patient is caused by: turbulent blood flow through the carotid artery. The jugular venous pressure is an indirect reflection of the: heart's efficiency as a pump. The semilunar valves separate the: ventricles from the arteries. Chapter 20 One of the leg's deep veins is the: popliteal. ?Arteriosclerosis refers to: thickening and loss of elasticity of the arterial walls. ?Palpable inguinal lymph nodes are: normal if small (less than 1 cm), movable, and nontender. In pulsus paradoxus: beats have weaker amplitude with respiratory inspiration and stronger amplitude with expiration. ?Lymphedema is: the swelling of an extremity caused by an obstructed lymph channel. ?A water-hammer â€Å"Corrigan† pulse is associated with: aortic valve regurgitation. The cervical nodes drain the: head and neck. In young children, the thymus gland: produces T lymphocytes. Cla udication is caused by: arterial insufficiency. The patient has severe bilateral lower extremity edema. The most likely cause is: heart failure.

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