Thursday, 12 September 2019

Digital Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

Digital Marketing - Essay Example In the past Clarks has overcome challenges such as volatile market conditions, lack of financial flexibility as well as questionable planning and today, through extensive employment of digital marketing, Clarks is one of the largest private companies in the united kingdom and with massive global presence (Jones, 2012 p, 192-193). According to Tran (2012), Clarks’ products have a good reputation for high quality and are available in the latest fashions. The products have a good reputation for high quality and are available in the latest fashions. In the changing footwear industry, Clarks always comes with refreshing brands. The launch of online business has been a success for the company in building its international brand. Clarks has three main distinctive products that include the Desert Boot, Wallabee and desert Trek. The main feature for Clarks shoes is that they have unique comfort. Clarks designs and manufactures shoes that are uniquely styled, comfortable and of premium quality. Its concept of comfort in footwear dates back to 1960 when the company designed the Moccasin-inspired Wallabee. It was the most comfortable shoe in the world. Today, the Wallabees and the iconic desert Boots still sell at the company stores. Today, Clarks shoes that classified into different categories. They include Clarks walking shoes, Clarks’ casual shoes as well as Clarks business casual shoes. There are many other unstructured collections of shoes for men, women, boys and girls. The company’s product line includes boots, slippers, sandals, casual and sport shoes as well as bags (Jones, 2012 p, 192-193). Digital marketing strategy had been a drive towards the realization of massive digital presence for the company. It all begun in 2010 after the appointment of the current CEO, Melissa Potter, who drove the re-organization of the company’s business operations. Most importantly he launched online business for the company, and it has made Clarks a

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