Saturday, 15 June 2019

Health Care Professional Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Health Care Professional - Research Paper ExampleTheir certainly exists a demographic expectation to the physician shortage in America (Dranove, 2001). Though with the onset of recession and the dwindling of stock markets has made some old physicians to set excursion their retirement plans. Still, with the economy gradually picking up with time, more and more old physicians could be expected to go for retirement. Rising do prices is one other big reason that is contributing to the shortage of physicians in the nation (Dranove, 2001). These rising prices include augmenting wage cost, skyrocketing costs of supplies and associated telecommunication and digital infrastructure, booming rents, increasing costs of salary benefits including the health coverage (Dranove, 2001). Hence, rising practice costs is one big reason that is discouraging the physicians from continuing with their profession. The financial debacle that the physician practice management firms had to face with the dwi ndling economy has also contributed its share to the scarcity of physicians in the country (Dranove, 2001). The collapse of many salient physician practice management firms has left many of the esteemed physician practice groups in the United States in doldrums. In contrast, the physicians working for the not-for-profit hospitals are also not doing better considering the bulky losses accrued by these health care facilities.The shortage of nurses in the health care system is not a new phenomenon, but has been an aspect of health care that has been existent since the past couple of decades (Quinn, 2002). However, it has only been in the last few years that the problem of nursing shortage started to evince a significant impact on the American health care system (Quinn, 2002). Varied factors are responsible for the shortage of nurses. Going by the rising ratio of the women in the work force and the ample stress

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