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Examining Alternatives to Globalization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Examining Alternatives to Globalization - Essay ExampleEconomically, globalization has had the positive impact of reducing poverty. This has been through inventions which are established in the poor people countries by the developed countries. The inventions create employment and at same time provide various products in the market. Socially, immigration of foreigners in the developing countries has led to change cultural practices. Politically, globalization has led to countries adopting better ways of governance through corporations with other countries (Chan, 2002). For instance there is an increase in gender equality as many countries have had increased number of women in parliament. As opposed to the supporters, the opponents of globalization argue that globalization has led to many negative effects in the world. According to them it has led to the poor countries being poorer due the increasing price of commodities.Supporters of globalization have celebrated the increased consum erism that has resulted from access to the global market. Through globalization, varied countries have been equal to consume different item which are not even produced in their countries. For example in East Africa people are able to drive vehicles not made in Japan and other parts of the world. This has been made possible through the increased corporations around the globe such the wad unions. Developing countries have been adopting consumption models of the western countries. This is because their models of consumption have been the driving force in developing countries market liberation. As a result of globalization the worlds economy has always been on the increase .For instance community obligations associated with globalization have reduced incidences of poverty in the world. According to Chan (2002), over the last xxx five years the third world countries have made a significant progress in poverty reduction.

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