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Technology, Government, Entrepreneurship and their influence after Essay

Technology, Government, Entrepreneurship and their influence after world war 2 - Essay Example USA patented their commercial scale of production in 1948 and most of the pharmaceutical organizations went on to patent most of their potent antibiotics in 1950s-60s. Some of the American companies that took advantage of German Drug Patents are Winthrop Chemical Company and IG Farben. Political support was agreed upon after extensive research by numerous bodies including pharmaceutical industry, academic researchers, and government researchers. There was need to include intellectual influence on pharmaceutical companies due to dangers imposed by some drugs on patients. The government regularly sort academic physicians help while handling drug issues because they were deemed experts in the medical field. Germany experienced the most creative period between 1932 and 1945 and American scientists looted their patents after the World War II due to German’s devastation after the war. Americans had enough money to fund medical researches hence prompting them to strip off Germany inv entiveness. According to   Expert Reviews Staff World War II completely changed the world by ushering in a new technological age in the world we live now (Web). Governments invested a lot of money in research and technology to find better ways of destroying the enemy yet the eventual technology changed the way people think. During the post-world war II, pharmaceutical industry engaged itself in an extensive research as well as administrative networks with a number of bodies such as academic researchers and medical schools as well as the government and this led to a biomedical community and eventually organized medicine. There was an uppermost 300 kHz segment of world allocation of the 10-meter band from 29.7 MHz to 30MHz that was removed from amateur radio in 1947 but in 1950s, a single-sideband modulation for HF voice communication was introduced. This was followed by the launch of the first orbital amateur radio satellite (OSCAR) which was the first of series amateur radio satel lites created worldwide. Post war economy led to further expansion of the television production, which had earlier started in the decade as a means of developing radar technology. Console and tabletop models emerged and Milton Berlke and Ed Sullivan were amongst the first TV stars in the late 1940s. The 1950s later become the golden age of television because a good number of people could afford TV in their homes   (Expert Reviews Staff Web). Key Influential Entrepreneurs in the Post World War II Boyer explains that David Sarnoff was an American pioneer in the radio and television industry who migrated to the US in 1900 and worked for Marconi Wireless Company (684-685). Sarnoff proposed a radio music box in 1915, this led to the popularly known radio broadcasting, and when Radio Corporation absorbed the Marconi firm in 1921, he later became the CEO between 1947 and 1970. He contributed a lot to the development of black and white as well as compatible color TV and later served as Dw ight in World War II as a communication adviser and an active figure in public affairs where he was a spokesperson for the broadcasting industry. After the WW II Americans wanted to indulge themselves with entertainment and Sarnoff introduced a television price at $375. The sales went so high from 175, 000 in 1947 to 7 million in 1950 with almost half carrying RCA name and Sarnoff estimated that almost 47% of Americans owned television sets by 1952.

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