Friday, 27 September 2019

Marketing 4050 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Marketing 4050 - Essay Example Marketing strategy aims for advertisers to maintain and increase customers for their product. The media on its part aim to be the advertisers and consumers favorite in covering the advert. The advert of alcohol promotion is essential and should be done regularly to keep consumers loyal. Many more consumers will prefer that drink to other liquor brands in the market. The ad quality influences the effectiveness it will have on the market (Ware, Baron and Edge). An ad structured in a persuasive, and credible manner will most certainly be more convincing to consumers. Ads have some consistent features that appeal to customers or discourage them. These include alcohol content percentage and drinking age limit. The alcohol content appeals to consumers according to their preference while the warning on age will limit those who are underage. The leading title article relates to the ad as it is on tax increase mostly on alcoholic drinks. This ad focuses on alcoholic consumers and those interested in the drink. It also targets at investors. The ad influences the reader to pledge its loyalty to it. There are many competitive ads competing both for space in the magazine and consumers. This is a smart investment because it does not only market the company’s product but also its image in

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