Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Importance of trainning and education. Is it important yes or no why Essay

Importance of trainning and education. Is it important yes or no why - Essay Example This can be achieved only through learning. We also need education to answer all the basic questions we may have about life – how did life originate, what is land, water and air, why is the sky blue, how can we build houses, and so on. Education is required on both personal and professional fronts. In order to acquire a job, we need to be qualified for it and possess an appropriate degree. In personal life, we need to communicate, calculate, reflect on our experiences, know basic manners, etiquette and civic behavior, etc. All this is acquired through education at home, at school/college and everywhere else. In order to apply the learning acquired through education, one needs proper training. For instance, learning how to manufacture a car theoretically does not necessarily enable an individual to actually perform the task. This especially applies to specialized functions that are a part of any profession. Therefore, to be able to have a good professional career, one needs to be trained for the job. Training, however, is not just required for a successful career but also for basic chores that are a part of daily life. Even the very act of speaking, that comes naturally to every individual, is acquired through the education and training that an individual subconsciously acquires in childhood. Innumerable surveys have shown that employers seek well qualified employees. Employers are especially interested in problem-solving and communication skills that include computational skills, good work habits, linguistics skills, money handling, and oral and written communication (Natriello 1). These skills can only be acquired through education. In addition to education, employers place more emphasis on experience especially that acquired through internships or prior employment (Fischer 1). Experience is acquired through training, either on job, or through internships. Employers place more weight on experience because it ensures that a

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