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Horst P Horst Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Horst P Horst - Research Paper Example Horst was born on 14th August, 1906 as the second born son of a protestant Max Bohrmann and Klara Schoeenbrodt. His father was also a shop owner. Horst became prominent in Paris during wars and conflicts in Paris when he published his first in a magazine in 1931 (Horst 6).The following years, Horsts pieces of work comprised double exposures, radical composition, nudity and other unique techniques which produced some iconic fashion photographs like Lisa with Harp and Mainbocher done in 1939. Despite his association with fashion portraits, Horst captured photographs of brightest personalities, pottering with influences ranging from Romanticism to Surrealism. He states that he likes taking photos because of his love for life and he loves photographing people because of his love for humanity (Horst 8). At a time when war was obvious between Germany and America in 1941, Horst was given a task to provide his services despite not being enrolled. It was between 1930s and 1940s that Horst became popular hence being regarded as his best productive years (Horst 12). His excellence at using color transparencies for both fashion and portrait sittings and covers made him popular amongst the photographers (Horst 13). A typical instance is that of war escapism entitled Rita Hayworth picture Cover girl which gave Horst the window to produce the best film-star showcased in seven different portraits of cover girl Sussan Shaw fixed against silk design. Horsts photograph of Loretta Young is an immediate classic portrait presented in the Vogue edition which includes photography master pieces selected by photographer Edward (Horst 15). Photographs taken during the 1950s in Europe distant from studio interference of the Vogue editor, brought about plain-air quality (Horst 19). The photographs extende d from Ian Fleming who was shot at Kitzbeuhel to an essay of a German conductor

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