Saturday, 10 August 2019

Empowering Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Empowering - Assignment Example One of the best ways through which change is realized is by learning. Through learning, one is able to acquire knowledge and skills most appropriate in establishing change. Currently a number of people are accessing higher education in order to acquire sufficient knowledge and skills towards improving the manner in which things are done. One critical aspect of substantive importance is that as one acquires new skills and knowledge, it is important that the initially acquired knowledge and skills be discarded for an effective implementation of change. It is only through such means that obsolescence can be fought. Lack of following these strategies happens to be the greatest obstacles towards fighting obsolescence. A critical example is in the case, in which one spends lots of money is spent studying for an MBA course, which after a short while becomes obsolete requiring an individual to study more and acquire new skills. Fighting obsolescence requires various attributes in making it a success. Yes, it is for a fact that despite one spending, a lot of money is studying an MBA project; soon the skills acquired become obsolete requiring replacement. It is evidently clear that at every one time, there are the most appropriate mechanisms of tackling some situations that work effectively with the acquisition of the MBA. Such skills are useful in taken an individual into the next level, which also requires new skills and knowledge. Lack of a well-strategized and planned fight against obsolescence means an obstacle to change as is with the case of many supervisors who are not able to effect change, and resist any effort towards making a change. Achieving advanced knowledge such as through an MBA is very essential. In a life crowded by with numerous responsibilities and dreams to cater for, require that one use the acquired skills in fighting obsolescence to realize the dreams. Empowerment like fighting

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