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DEVELOPING SELF ACROSS THE LIFE - SPAN Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

DEVELOPING SELF ACROSS THE LIFE - SPAN - Essay Example The causes of the disorder, symptoms, and behavior patterns are also described in the research. The conclusion shows that although it can be difficult to teach Autistic children, in the correct learning environment and with the implementation of a strategic teaching plan it is not impossible to carry out with a positive outcome. The case in this research is depicting an 8 year old who has been diagnosed with a mild form of Autism. The symptoms of this child are discussed, and there is a defining look at the atypical behaviors he exhibits which could have the most bearing in the learning environment for him on an individual basis. In our society there are numerous developmental disorders which often interfere with the educational process. Autism happens to be one of the most severe out of the various developmental delays that are in existence in society but it does not necessarily mean that teaching these children is impossible. A developmental disorder is in actuality a disease that does prevent an adult or even a child from functioning at the correct conventional level in society. Simply attempting to adapt to everyday tasks becomes highly complex for the child with autism (Frith 1991). Scientific research has discovered that Autism is a developmental disease which affects boys more than it does girls and it is non-discriminative meaning that it is found throughout the world in all families of all racial, ethnic, and social backgrounds (Groden 1988). Autism is normally characterized by specific actions from the child which can include detachment, withdrawal from social contact, daydreaming, uncontrollable emotions, mood swings, obsessive behaviors with inclusion of hand flailing, rocking, and head banging (Frith 1991). Due to the diverseness of complications that Autism can bring to the child in a learning environment, not to mention in the family environment, it takes a very special

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