Monday, 10 June 2019

War On Drugs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

War On Drugs - Essay ExampleIts initiation was aimed at fetching a firm stand on drugs because of the effect that drug abuse has had on society. The problem comes about when prisons become overcrowded as facilities, and supervisory staff is non enough. This, in turn, leads the government to injecting more resources to correctional organizations at the expense of other pressing youngs such as healthc are and education programs. Conversely, such organizations may be ignored causing prison facilities to be strained and prison staff over-worked without earning any extra income this is usually the more common scenario (Yahoo Inc, 2007). Pinpointing the Source In distinguish to rectify this problem, which essentially is an inflated budget, it is vital to pinpoint the source of the overall problem of drug abuse in the society. Questions such as which are the more or less common illicit drugs, where do the drugs come from, who distributes them, what are the loopholes that enable this di stribution persist, how else can persons be deterred to participate in drug trade. This breakdown allows specific solutions to be arrived at without having to call for harsh punishment directly, which translates to serving longer terms in prison. The government should consider the fact that rehabilitation through imprisonment is not a solution for drug traffickers because what instead happens is that they interact with much worse criminals and get further inclined to a criminal lifestyle. Moreover, having a criminal set down prevents them from getting legitimate jobs thereby, leading them back to drug trade (Yahoo Inc, 2007).In some states, the war on drugs has kept use of government resources at bay by seizing assets from drug traffickers. ... Inc, 2007). In some states, the war on drugs has kept use of government resources at bay by seizing assets from drug traffickers. This has been viewed as a self-financing method but in reality resources gained from asset forfeiture end up be ing transferred to other departments with scarce resources. In addition, police agencies pitch been noted to seize assets from innocent persons with the aim of acquiring resources for financing their departments. The resources amassed from asset seizures end up diverting focus from actual crime fighting. There ask to be a shift in thinking whereby drug prohibition has proven not to be effective in alleviating drug trade. Over time, the channel for drug prohibition has been that there is a relationship between drug trafficking and other violent crimes such as car theft and robbery. Therefore, if drugs are prohibited, the right is better enforced as such crimes are prevented (Benson, 2009). However, this has been proven ineffective as prisons have become overcrowded and most states have had to call for release of piddling offenders. This has proven quite risky, as individuals who are viewed as petty offenders may have considered graduating to higher crimes because of interacting with serious offenders. Either way, the petty offenders arrested for drug trade are released back into society without any assurance that they have been rehabilitated. The issue then becomes identifying a way of effectively rehabilitating drug traffickers where incarceration is not an option. Another issue is the stringent laws on parolees as most of them will inevitably violate them and end up stuck in the vicious recycle of the prison system (Romaine, 2011).

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