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The Seeds of Ageism Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

The Seeds of ageism - Assignment ExampleAgeism is an amalgamation of stereotypes beliefs, discrimination behaviors, prejudice evaluations. Ageism is attributed to the changing demographic trends in various(a) part of the world. Life expectancy is enhanced as a result people live for a longer duration and may lead a healthy life (Marques Presentation FLARE31Aug).According to the United Nations aging index, the number of individuals above the duration of 60 years is equal to the number of individuals between the age of 0- 14 years this highlight the fact that elderly people are equal in number to the young macrocosm. Further, Europe witnessed an aging index of 136.2 in 2007 while it is anticipated to enhance to 229.7 in 2050 (Ageism in Europe).These data indicate that there is going to be a drastic alteration in population structure in future which is going to have lasting implication on the society in terms of labor markets, growth both stinting and developmental, the behavior of c onsumer as well as health systems. These implications are not ordinary to overlook as they are going to change the structure of the society. health systems are going to affect to a greater extent as they have to witness new paradigms. Ignorance of any kind leads to prejudice or ageism.Ageism has a negative implication and it depicts the attitude an individual display towards elderly people. According to Nelson (2002), Older adults in the United States tend to be marginalized, institutionalized and stripped-down of accountability, supremacy and eventually their distinction. Considering the history, people used to respect their elders and provided them great regard and respect, they were considered to be guide and teachers who are experienced to help them to reach the solution in case if any problem arise.It was considered to be divine if one lives for more than 50 years of age (Branco and Williamson, 1982).

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