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Ocean Park Brand Equity Essay

I am genuinely tank to Mr. Nicholas Tam for sustenance me wholly the clipping and spending near hours on my final year project. This was completely appreciated that he translated m any(prenominal) schoolmaster and useful advices and recommendations to me. Otherwise, I would too deal to thanks Mr. C. N. Lo as my second chump and buy the farm me suggestion to correct my project. creep naval putting surface Hong Kong is a home-gr admit treasure. It is also ane of the nigh best- ex transmit(predicate) pleasure common lands in the world, providing educational, conservation and entertainment. maritime lay Hong Kong has brought joy to local and overseas prognosticateors by dint of and through go forth her 30-year history. She lets every unitary in Hong Kong has a special(prenominal) and memorable follow ups. In these 30 years, it go through many impacts that ar occurred by right(prenominal) and inside of the organization. They also go ined a famine for a s ure years. but it was carried bug break through the revolutions continu only(prenominal)y. Afterwards, the business is still running. Recently, whatsoever randomness indicated that the ranking of the intimately habitual delight car super acid of the world, which is the maritime place Hong Kong luxuriouslyer than Hong Kong Disney cut down.Finally, through look into, centralize chemical group interview and deformitys implementation legal communitys, to conclude that the stigmatize uprightness of oceanic place was break dance. conk out leaders, better tincture, builds up guest verity. CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION naval leafy vege get across is whiz of the melodic chemical group park in Hong Kong. nautical is the majority theme of the park. It is located at the Southern District of Hong Kong, and it was opened on 10 January 1977. It was constructed at a land granted by the government, and thus the sustenance of construction is granted by the Hong Kon g hump Club (HKJC), and it also operated by HKJC.In January 1979, sea ballpark introduced a sea wolf Whale for the confabors. It becomes a one of the selling points of the park. In the inception stage, thither is non enough pleasure rides for the public. exclusively, in that respect was spread out their carapace of the park, and increased much more than amusement rides into the park. The operating capital of nautical approximate range was depends on the revenue from fines and contribution from HKJC in earlier stage. It also has a signifi tail endt deficit for a big time because the bell is go by on the low side. In 1 July 1987, the marine parkland Ordinance is constituted by the government.HKJC will granted that they atomic number 18 set up the aver with $200M funding. In this time, naval putting surface becomes a non-profit making organization and demand to self-finance. The park changed their business to commercial-oriented, and increasing its ticket ter ms. Thus, the park enhanced its pecuniary conditions to be dogmatic. In 1998, the park save deficit again caused by more or less factors, much(prenominal)(prenominal) as eastward Asiatic monetary Crisis. Although it received 2 pandas from China, it still could not increase the visitors standoff of the park. The park also closed the wet attractions and the Middle Kingdom.And then, it introduced more amusement rises for visitors curiously for the teenagers such as the Abyss Turbo cliff and the Mine Train. In Fiscal social class 2004/2005, in that respect are more than 4 million visitors during a year. This is renewing the record since the park is opened. It is caused that PRC government enforced the Individual Visit Scheme to a get off place CEPA. ocean common revealed its redevelopment devise in 2005, which will upgrades the fiber and handiness of features at the park. This is response the impacts from the opening of Disneyland. nautical leafy vegetable is also held a groundbreaking ceremony for its redevelopment project in November of 2006.harmonize to the affection attending 2008 releases by Economics Research Associates (ERA) and Themed Entertainment acquaintance (TEA) on 16 April, marine lay is the worlds number 15 theme park, Asias 5th theme park (Judith Rubin, 2009). (Appendix 1b) 1. Industry Background The charmism industry is one of the quadruplet secernate industries in the Hong Kong economy. on that point were two types of tourism which were inbound tourism and outbound. For inbound tourism, at that place were 5 groups of sub-industries which included retail trade, hotels and boarding houses, Restaurants, Cross-boundary passenger transport work and crystalises.The care for added of tourism in 2006 and 2007 were HK$45,300 Million and HK$52,300 Million. at that place was increased around 14% from 2006 to 2007. And the practice session in this industry in 2006 and 2007 was 176,300 and 193,800. there was in creased around more than 8% from 2006 to 2007 (Census and Statistics De get off the groundment, HKSAR, 2009). (Appendix 9) In pitch to support the sorry economic condition, Hong Kong government was provided some livelihood projects to the tourism industry such as the Closer Economic actuatenership exhibition (CEPA) and Individual Visit Scheme. These projects some(prenominal)(prenominal) were cooperated with PRC. ocean super C is one of the come outicipators in the amusement park grocery. Its major contender is Hong Kong Disneyland. Before Disneyland involved its business in Hong Kong, ocean park was the barely one participator in this commercialize during the an new(prenominal)(prenominal) amusement parks were closed their business such as Lai Chi Kok Amusement pose. On the former(a) hand, the amusement park from dwell country should also be the major competitors for marine Park such as Happy Valley from Shenzhen, PRC. As a famous landmark of Hong Kong, ocean Par k was a winning company in this industry.In accordance with the Attraction Attendance 2008, the 2008 attendance was equal to 5. 03 Million. It was a confidential entropy strike out of the amusement park commercialise (Judith Rubin, 2009) (Appendix 1b). In conclusion, ocean Park should be capturing the opportunity derived from increasing attendance and the load-bearing(a) from government, and focus its competence for facing the flagellum generated by intensive competition from the inhabit country. 2. Statement of issue In past times certain years, oceanic Park face impacts in disparate period of time, for ex amperele, East Asian Financial Crisis, SARS, and external environment.For the fiscal issue, naval Park was confront the financial distress on past certain years especially for the East Asian financial crisis. Besides, for the external environmental issue, sea Park should also be faced to the new entrants of Hong Kong amusement park foodstuff that was Disneyland. ma rine Park was a national famous grease in Hong Kong. On the new(prenominal) hand, Disneyland was an international famous tell on. The boilersuit size of organization of nautical Park should be smaller than Disneyland. 3. Purpose of the field of force Propose of this study is to understand clients steel uprightness of oceanic Park.A result of questionnaire mountain is to hear the sources ( pit righteousness Ten) of cross off equity of Ocean Park. Base on the playings of the survey, propose that the tiny victory factor of the theme park. CHAPTER II LITERATURE REVIEW The Brand Equity Ten will be applying in this study, which is an resultive method to evaluate blade equity. Ten sets of paces grouped into five categories, are shown in shelve 1. The first of all quadruplet categories are to measure customer perceptions of the blemish. The intravenous feeding categories of post equity are including loyalty, comprehend quality, associations, and sensation.The l ast category is to collect knowledge from the commercialize based instruction sooner than directly from customers (D. Aaker, 1996). 1. committedness Measures Since it is now astray recognized that it is much little dearly-won and much more profitable to halt existing customers than to win new ones, customer retention become an distinguished conclusion for most organizations. In principle its simple you just have to obligate your existing customer (N. Hill, J. Alexander, 2006). The Hong Kong amusement park industry was created a monopoly loyalty during there was only two participators in the commercialise, such as Ocean Park and Disneyland.The loyalty of these two amusement parks cleverness be generated by devotion of its customers, for instance, the customer would be sought some seek experiences at Ocean park during there was provided many explosive charge rides. Besides, if the customer would be eventuate some story of sprite tales, they would go to Disneyland, it is because customer great deal be met many famous characters like rice paddy Mouse. 1. hurt Premium A basic indicator of loyalty is the amount a customer will pay for the brand in comparison with another brand (or set of comparison brands) offering resembling benefits(D.Aaker, 1996).For the admission fees of both Ocean Park and Disneyland, there was a super discrimination in the midst of parks. For instance, in the adults frequent admission fees, Ocean Park was HK$208, and Disneyland was HK$350. Therefore, the price allowance should be HK$142. 1. sensed Quality/ leadership Measures perceive quality is often the key positioning place for corporate brands (such as Toshiba or Ford) and other brands that range over harvest-feast classes (such as Weight Watchers, Kraft, and store brands such as Safeway Select).Because these brands span product classes, they are slight possible to be driven by functional benefits, and comprehend quality is likely to play a larger role. (D. Aaker, 2009) For Ocean Park, it provided different amusement facilities to visitors. Besides, Disneyland provided the story of poove tales to visitors. Visitors could earn the different experiences during they are tour these two parks. They would use the last experience to evaluate the perceived quality of the parks. wind brands are perceived to be relevant, ridiculous and compelling.They inspire customer loyalty and modify organizations to charge price subventions. They increase negotiate power with business partners, extend to it easier to consider and retain talented employees and provide organizations with muster out strategic direction and platforms for future growth. (B. VanAuken, 2007) twain Ocean Park and Disneyland were per make their services at a unique and compelling ways. For example, Ocean Park provides a lot of amusement facilities for visitors some facilities were very unique in Hong Kong such as Giant panda Habitat.On the other hand, Disneyland arr anges many have international famous characters that visitors whitethorn hit the books some photos with them. 2. Associations/ specialization Measures The key associations/ preeminence component of brand equity normally involves word-painting dimensions that are unique to a product class or to a brand. The challenge, then, is to generate general measures that will last across product classes. (D. Aaker, 1996) Since Ocean Park was opened, it was established a soulal image for visitors that it was provided some messages like ocean showimonial and education, exciting experience.Visitors had no doubtful that the core of Ocean Park, and they was knew that it was not an amusement park only. Also, Disneyland was generated a dreaming place for visitors to relish a childlike and entertaining tour for their each visit. But it was not provided other functional characters to the public such as educational activities. 3. knowingness Measures Brand cognizance measures the accessibili ty of the brand in holding. Brand awareness give the axe measured through brand recall or brand recognition. Brand recall echos the ability of consumers to convalesce the brand from memory when given the product category. (P. Chandon, 2003) Both Ocean Park and Disneyland were achieved to brand awareness. For Ocean Park, visitors whitethorn be bethought its have characters when they were went to it such as Dolphin, Giant Panda, thrill rides and etc. On the other hand, also, Disneyland was gained the high level of international attention. Visitors were recall its have characters like Winnie the Pooh, Stitch, and they can be got this memory outside it such as TV and other side-products of its owned characters. The dimension of differentiation in the association category is a summary of brand associations (D.Aaker, 1996). 4. commercialise demeanor Measures 1. grocery Share The execution of instrument of a brand as measured by grocery store share (and/or gross sales) often pr ovides a valid and sensitive materialisation of the brands standing with customers. When the brand has a relative advantage in the minds of customers, its market share should increase or at least not decrease. (D. Aaker, 1996) The performance of an amusement park can be measured by some elements such as its functions, service level, customer consanguinity attention and etc.It can be grew its admission income during the higher service performance that it can be performed. 2. impairment and dissemination Indices Market share can be a particularly deceptive brand equity measure when it increases as a result of reduced prices or price promotions. Thus, it is important to measure the relative market price at which the brand is organism sold. (D. Aaker, 1996). Market share or sales selective information are also highly sensitive to distribution insurance insurance coverage. Sales may be dramatically reckoned when a brand gains or loses a major market or expands into another geo graphic region.A measure of distribution coverage is thus a second formal companion measure to market share. (D. Aaker, 1996). As an amusement park, the market price entropy was equal to the admission income of a year, because this was majority source for capturing its operating resources. Besides, it indicated that the admission income dexterity be affected by the change in attendance directly. On the other hand, the price and distribution indices should be reflected the market share that can be evaluated by admission attendance during a year.This may be found out the on-key picture of the growth of admission attendance or else than depends on admission income. CHAPTER threesome METHODOLOGY 1. Sample Design information will be stack away by using a questionnaire. It is use to measure customer perceptions of the brand along with the four categories (D. Aaker, 1996). The questionnaire is use to survey those people who are visited Hong Kong Ocean Park and Hong Kong Disneylan d before. It is to ensure that the information from respondents are effective and reliable.The questionnaire will be distributed to them through e-mail, and the respondents are classmates, teachers, familiars, friends, and colleagues. ascorbic acid samples were collected through this survey. 2. Questionnaire Design First, questionnaire is used to measure the four categories, which are Loyalty Measures (price premium and satisfaction/loyalty), sensed Quality/ lead Measures (perceived quality, and leadership), Associations/Differentiation Measures (perceived esteem, brand soulality, organizational associations, and differentiation), and Awareness Measures (brand awareness).Second, setting demographic factors, respondents were required to make their personal information, including sexual activity, age, monthly income, occupation and education. It is in score to comparison the general information with the 25 items, and run a risk out the slender success factor of Ocean Park. gild dimensions including 25 items, plus 5 items of general information, there are totally 30 questions. Third, this study will oppose with Disneyland because it is the in the main competitor in Hong Kong. The questionnaire format is Part A is Ocean Park, Part B is Disneyland, and Part C is the general information.5-point Likert outdo is commonly used in questionnaires, and is the most widely used scale in survey research. . There were used 5 choices of behave question for respondents to answer their questionnaire besides general information. It was included strongly disagree, Disagree, Neutral, Agree and Strongly agree. (Answers. com, 2009) Fourth, set Missing entropy. It is to reduce or shorten the answer of unclear, ambiguous or answer more than one choice, etc. The questionnaire format could nurture to Appendix 7. 3.Statistical encase for the kindly Science(SPSS) SPSS was established in 1968 by Norman H. Nie, C. Hadlai (Tex) Hull and Dale H. Bent. They want actua l a revolutionary software system in edict to turn raw data into representative information in an substantially way. According to the SPSSs website, This revolutionary statistical software system was called SPSS, which stood for the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. Nie, Hull and Bent developed SPSS out of the need to quickly study volumes of social science data pull together through various methods of research. (SPSS INC. , 2009). In add-on to statistics depth psychology, the features of the base software, which are included descriptive statistics (Cross tabulation, Frequencies, descriptives, Explore, Descriptive Ratio Statistics), Bivariate statistics ( souseds, t- leaven, ANOVA, correlational statistics (bivariate, partial, distances), Nonpara calculated tests), prognostication for numerical outcomes (Linear regression), and Prediction for identifying groups (Factor analysis, cluster analysis (two-step, K-means, hierarchical), Discriminant) (Wikipedia, 2009).In t his report, there was using SPSS to analyze the statistical information, there are included Cronbach of import reliableness psychoanalysis, Mean and Standard conflict, Crosstab Test. 1. Reverse tally In order to calculate some opposite data in one dimension, there should be rescored the negative data to turn into positive data. This can be increasing the reliableness and correlation among data in one dimension. Items that are negatively worded in a scale must be rescored in a positive direction in order to gimmick the other items in a scale (S. Stark, et. al. , 2001).In the questionnaire, Question 22 & 25 of Part A and B was used this function that in order to point out out the reliable and jibe data, and these sets of data should be opposite to other data in equivalent dimension. 2. Cronbachs Alpha dependableness Analysis Cronbachs alpha measures how well a set of items (or variables) measures a single unidimensional possible construct. When data have a flat structure , Cronbachs alpha will unremarkably be low. Technically speaking, Cronbachs alpha is not a statistical test it is a coefficient of dependableness (or consistency). (UCLA Academic engineering Services) There were used the Cronbachs Alpha Reliability Analysis to find out the reliability. The output table will then be displayed the Cronbachs Alpha of the dimension. 3. Mean and Standard Deviation The mean, indicated by ? (a lower case Greek mu), is the statisticians jargon for the clean value of a signal. It is found just as you would promise add all of the samples together, and divide by N. (S. Smith, 2007) It is the use to find out the average in a group of population. There were calculated the means by all of the scoring of each question.Afterwards, added up the separate mean from all dimensions which were found out the total mean of each category. The monetary triteized deviation is one of several indices of disagreement that statisticians use to characterize the airing a mong the measures in a given population. To calculate the standard deviation of a population it is first necessary to calculate that populations variance. Numerically, the standard deviation is the square starting time of the variance. Unlike the variance, which is a somewhat reckon measure of variability, the standard deviation can be readily conceptualized as a distance along the scale of measurement. (R. Hoffman, 2002) Besides, the standard deviation was displayed on the output table of SPSS in order to analyze the dispersion of the result of ball club dimensions. 4. Crosstab Test Cross-tabulations give us much more cleverness into the data than do simple profiles or frequency distributions. Cross-tabulations are an example of bivariate analysis (i. e. , examining the kinship between two variables). However, cross-tabulations are of limited value, too, because we are realistically restricted to examining the relationship between only two variables at a time (e. g. , customer status and age customer status and income etc.).If we try to examine a cross-tabulation of more than two variables at a time, the results are very difficult to experience and interpret meaningfully. (SmartDrill, 2008) There was used the crosstabulation to compare the variability of general information. This can be easily found out the disparity between two set of data. 4. counseling Group Focus groups are a powerful means to evaluate services or test new ideas. Basically, focus groups are interviews, but of 6-10 people at the very(prenominal) time in the same group. One can get a great deal of information during a focus group session. (C. McNamara, 2006) 5. information Analysis.1. careful the mean and standard deviation for all of 9 dimensions in order to find out the overall performance of both Ocean Park and Disneyland. 2. intentiond SPSS rearward(a) scoring function in order to make some conflict data that blastd into same way. This can make that the reliability must higher than antecedent data. Besides, Cronbachs Alpha Reliability Analysis can be found out the reliability of all of the dimensions, and ignored some irrelative items in the dimensions. This can improve the reliability for each dimensions that if deleted the items. 3. Calculate the mean with both Ocean Park and Disneyland.4. Used crosstabulation to compare which the general information of both Ocean Park and Disneyland such as age, gender and income, 5. After used of SPSS, there were formed a focus group that was invited 7 interviewees in order to discuss the issues that occurred in the result from SPSS. 6. Besides, found some corporate information of Ocean Park and Disneyland which how to performed the market behavior. 7. Match the result of mean analysis and the result of crosstabutaion analysis, in order to find out the source of brand equity and the critical successful factor of the theme park. CHAPTER IV RESULTS.4 Sample and Descriptive Statistics This survey totally collect ed ampere-second samples, 57 respondents are male and 43 respondents are female. The majority respondents aged between 20 to 24 years olds (83%). In the monthly income group, nearly 50% of respondents their salaries were $5,001 to $10,000 per month. periodical income was less than $5,000 which had 41% of respondents. Many of respondents were students and workers (80%). over a half of respondents had education level at diploma levels or harmonise degree, and 37% of respondents had education level at undergraduate or postgraduate. (Appendix 2) 2. Cronbach Alpha Reliability Analysis.This research has ennead dimensions which are pass away to the four categories. The dimensions are including 25 items. Use the Cronbach Alpha Reliability Analysis to find out the reliabilities between the 25 items and the nine dimensions. The reliability test in order to define questions whether it is fit/relative to the nine dimensions. This can find out which items can be more significant and which a re the insignificant. The existence of the items was whether or not to affect the result of the dimensions such as completion, reliability and accuracy. (Appendix 3) 3. Mean and Standard Deviations Table 2 Comparison of Mean and S.D. of dimensions with Ocean Park and Disneyland Categories Dimensions Ocean Park Disneyland Mean Differences be Mean Std. Deviation Mean Std. Deviation Loyalty Measures Dimensions Ocean Park Disneyland Price Premium modal(a) mellow (Negative) merriment/ Loyalty High (Positive) High (Negative) Perceived Quality High (Positive) High (Negative) Leadership High (Positive) High (Negative) Perceived esteem Medium High (Negative) Brand nature High (Positive) Medium Organizational Associations Medium Medium Brand Awareness High (Positive) High (Negative). Market Share - - Price and Distribution Indices Medium Medium 1. Loyalty According to the result afterwards crosstab the items, it found that in the loyalty category, the effect of price p remium for Ocean Park was medium. The acceptableness of the admission price for Ocean Park was comparatively higher than the Disneyland. Its admission price was cheaper than Disneyland. Comparatively speaking, the effect of price premium for Disneyland was high. The acceptability of the admission price was low, that was relatively expensive. The influence of price premium on Disneyland is negative.Besides, the result reflected that price was not the find out factor for respondents to switch brand. On the other hands, the effect of satisfaction for Ocean Park was high. The park was better than Disneyland in well-to-do customers needs and wants. Loyalty was built by a cumulative result, which were the customers past visit experiences with the brands. The result indicated that the opportunity of respondents revisit the parks was based on their last visit experiences. Ocean Park was better than Disneyland, respondents were volition to recommend Ocean Park to others rather than Disne yland.The influence of satisfaction on Ocean Park is positive. However, the effect of satisfaction for Disneyland was high. It brings a negative influence on the park. In satisfied customers needs and wants, Disneyland was worse than Ocean Park. Respondents were unsatisfied with their last visit experience. whole seldom of respondents would revisit the park on the next opportunity and recommend the park to others. During the result of satisfaction was negative, the management from Disneyland would improve the quality for satisfying customers needs and wants. 2. Perceived Quality/Leadership.The result reflected that there was a linkage between perceived quality and leadership, Compare with Disneyland, Ocean Park was popular and more innovative, it was the leading brand in Hong Kong, and overall Ocean Park was better in quality. It implied that better leadership, better quality. It helps Ocean Park to keep closer relationship with loyal customers and less of switchers. The effect of perceived quality/leadership for Ocean Park was medium. Oppositely, Disneyland was worse, it was not innovative enough and not much popular than Ocean Park, and consequently Disneyland was not the leading brand in Hong Kong.One of reasons might cause by the negative news about the park. The effect of perceives quality/leadership for Disneyland was high and negative. 3. Associations/Differentiation Ocean Park could provide entire value for the money. The effect of perceived value for Ocean Park was medium. Disneyland could not provide good value for the money. The effect of perceived value for the park was high and negative. Ocean Park had its own personality and it was interesting. Respondents had a clear image of the type of person who would visit the park. The effect of personality for Ocean Park was high and positive.Disneyland also had its own personality. However, seldom of respondents were agreed the park was interesting. Normally, respondents had a clear image for what type of person would visit the park. The personality of Disneyland was medium. The personality of Disneyland was indistinct. It could reflect the respondents imagery, which was a key driver of brand personality. About the organization management of Ocean Park, the results reflected that respondents were answered neutral about the organization trust and prise the Ocean Park Company.But the respondents thought that the organization association with Ocean Park had credibility. The effect of organization for the park was medium. On the other hand, many respondents were answered neutral about the organization trust with Disneyland, and admire the Disneyland Company, and the credibility of organization association. The results implied that the respondents were lack of association about the organization management beheld Disneyland. The effect of organization for the park was medium. Organization management back of the theme parks is usually ignored by the visitors.It is because its lack o f showy for the visitors associated with its services. Therefore, the effect of this dimension with both companies was medium. Overall, Ocean Park and Disneyland were different. 4. Awareness Recognition of Ocean Park and Disneyland were high. Respondents had heard of the two parks, it was important for the exist brands. Moreover, respondents were knew what the parks stand for, it reflected that customers had a level of brand knowledge. Besides, respondents were no public conviction about Ocean Park, but respondents had opinion with Disneyland.The result of brand opinion implied that respondents were less confidence with Disneyland. The effect of awareness for Ocean Park was high and positive, and for Disneyland was high and negative. . 5. Market Behavior For the market share measure, there was lack of information to compare the sales performance between Ocean Park and Disneyland. Therefore, the effect of market for both Ocean and Disneyland would not be evaluated. As the result, the market price was not compared between Ocean Park and Disneyland, because Disneylands admission income was not being provided in the Annual penning individually.The financial information of Hong Kong Disneyland was combined with European Disneyland. In the distribution coverage, the result of Attraction Attendance 2007 and 2008 (Appendix 1a & b) indicated that Ocean Park had higher indicated that Ocean Park had recorded higher attendance rather than Disneyland. It is implied that Ocean Park should be more successful on the admission income, and gained a large number of visitors rather than Disneyland.On the other hand, Disneyland had higher distribution coverage on the world, because it involved that its operations were involved 5 countries in the world. Besides, Ocean Park had lower distribution coverage in the market, because it only had one amusement in the world. As a result, both of Ocean Park and Disneyland were medium in the effect of market price/ distribution indices . To conclude that after use high/low method to compare with the two parks, it found that the brand equity of Ocean Park was better. Table 3 shown each category has a key driver of influence. Loyalty, the key driver is satisfaction.Perceived quality and leadership measures, leadership variable in this category should be considered. The key component of associations and differentiation measures is including the personality. In the category of awareness measures, brand awareness is the important component. Attendance of distribution coverage in market behavior is the most important. Matching mean analysis with crosstab test analysis, it found out that the loyalty is the most influence category among the brand equity of Ocean Park. The dimension of satisfaction in the loyalty category is the critical success factor of Ocean Park.CHAPTER VI preaching During the study, there were faced such problems. This part of discussion would point out the problems, in order to share the editors op inions with those people who would having study or survey in the future. 1. Questionnaire Setting 1. Sample of the survey is not many, only collected 100 samples, representation of the result is low. 2. The method of store the data is not good enough. It is because through e-mail, which is inconvenience, low efficiency, and usually will ignore by addressees.E-mail is a supine method, and the respondents their replies are also passive. 3. Questionnaire is distributed to visitors through e-mail. close to respondents had their feedback about the questionnaire, such as impairment words, the questionnaire format, etc. 4. Focus on the questionnaire design, it could be improved. For example, in the price premium, the questionnaire did not occupy respondents some questions about the dollar metric, and market research approach (conjoint/ tradeoff analysis).Therefore, the dimension of price premium can not be accurately and clear to analysis whether it can build up customer loyalty and whether it is important part of loyalty measures. 2. Information Collection 1. In the category of Market Behavior, there were not found some accurate information about the Market Share and Market Price. That is the admission price of Disneyland. According to the Disneyland Annual Report 2008, the financial information about Hong Kong Disneyland was displayed that it was combined the financial information associated with European Disneyland.This is indicated that the financial information should not be compared with Ocean Park directly, because any changes of the financial information may be occurred by both Hong Kong and European one. Therefore, the link up information should not be rattling reflected the true information especially for Hong Kong Disneyland. 3. SPSS Data Entry and Output 1. When setting the questionnaires, sometimes, may need to set some reverse questions. For example, asking respondents that Ocean Park is different from Disneyland and Ocean Park is basically the same as Disneyland, that is reverse question.

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