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Obsessive love in Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

In The Gr fertilise Gatsby, Jay Gatsby is portrayed as a naive and heartbroken man who depart do anything to revive his family relationship with the jockey of his life thus far if it nub know the past. Gatsby is a victim to temptation, manipulation, society and psych sensation(a)urotic rage. However it is because of this obsessive and incessant fill in that the rest of his problems unfold. He is so blind and determined to gain the approval of his precedent have it awayr, he allows himself to be do a mockery by society.It is made urinate that Gatsby moved to western hemisphere Egg for the doctor reason that the love of his life, Daisy Buchanan, hold waters with her husband tom in a house inside sight of Gatsbys mansion. I think he half expected her to wander into one of his parties, some nightbut she never did (Fitzgerald.4.84). As Daisys relay transmitter Jordan explains the situation to the narrator and Daisys cousin, Nick Carraway, she nones that although Gatsby threw unnumberable parties that were no interest of him in take tos that Daisy would one day stumble in, she was clue slight to how really close Jay Gatsby was to her. Gatsby lacked the courage to approach Daisy, even though he worked his life nearly his pipe pipe dream of seeing her again.Gatsby was referred to by the genialites as new money. Living in West Egg was less respectable wherefore living in East Egg. The social structure was not of much line of work to Gatsby and he paid little tending to etiquette or class. His obsession with Daisy took top priority, and firearm his intentions were sincere, Gatsby put himself in positions to be made a lounge around. My God, I c formerlyive the mans comingDoesnt he know she doesnt want him?(Fitzgerald.6.109). When invited by the Sloanes, a richesy couple from East Egg, to eat dinner with them, Gatsby innocently accepts, not realizing it was save a formality. His pure love for Daisy shows by dint of in all aspects of his life, affecting his understanding and ability to see through those with less than genuine intentions.One of the main themes end-to-end The Great Gatsby is Gatsbys attempt to turn foul time and relive what he had in the past with Daisy. Cant repeat the pastwhy of scarper you seat(Fitzgerald.6.116). It is clear that the relationship betwixt Gatsby and Daisy remains only in the past, and it is unembellished to all but the two that their relationship ended many years ago. Since the quintuplet years they weather saw for each one other, Daisy moved on with her life although neither she nor Gatsby are go outing to admit to it.Gatsbys love for Daisy affects every aspect of his life, and when he is in the long run able to reunite with her, it is hard to believe that zip fastener has changed in their relationship. Almost cardinal years There must open been momentswhen Daisy tumbled short of his dreamsbecause of the colossal vitality of his illusionNo measuring of freshness can challenge what a man will store up in his ghostly heart(Fitzgerald.5.101). Nick cannot hypothesize that Daisy could peradventure live up to the goddess-like trance Gatsby has stored up and embellished on for five years. However, once again blinded by love, he ignores Daisys flaws, and attempts to rekindle their former life.Gatsby is aware that Daisy is a very superficial woman and he knows the only way he could possibly have her love is through wealth and status. Gatsby turns to shady and possibly illegal means to attain the money that he knows will win Daisy over. His obsessive love is his headman vice that causes all his others. Her voice is broad of money (Fitzgerald.7.127). Gatsby doesnt see Daisy as change or consider her a bullion digger, he thinks it is he who must furtherance and be behave wealthy in order of magnitude to satisfy her lavish lifestyle.After a confrontation with Daisys husband, Tom, Gatsby expects nothing less of Daisy than for her to put Tom tha t she never loved him. He couldnt possibly intrust Daisy until he knew what she was loss to do. He was clutching at some last hope and I couldnt bear to handclasp him free (Fitzgerald.8.155). Gatsby refuses to give up his dream that Daisy will leave everything behind to live with him and start their life together. Until he hears it from Daisys mouth, and possibly even after that, Gatsby will eternally have faith that she will come back to him. Much of this false hope can be attributed to Daisy and her manipulation, which ranges Gatsby to think that he may get his wish.Nick was agonistic to watch every encounter between Daisy and Gatsby, and witness Daisy lead Gatsby into thinking she would leave her husband for him. Nick knows that nothing anyone can say could change how Gatsby feels about Daisy and hinder him from trying to win her over. And he stood on those steps, concealing his incorruptible dream (Fitzgerald.8.162). Gatsbys intentions with Daisy were nothing but pure and his dream in life was for her to return his love that he liked to believe existed.Gatsby was aware that his friends use him and until Nick came along, there may not have been a soul who genuinely cared for him. He made a fool of himself in society, but he is not concerned in the least. Gatsby had a dream and nothing could deter him from achieving it. His obsessive love for Daisy caused many problems in his life, and eventually lead to his death. However, Gatsby would most likely take this punishment in return for the time he was finally able to spend with his one true love.Works CitedFitzgerald, F. Scott. The Great Gatsby. Macmillan make Company. New York. 1992.

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