Monday, 9 September 2019

Dealing with Stress at Workplace Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Dealing with Stress at Workplace - Research Paper Example Every workshop presents a unique opportunity for adult learners to acquire new knowledge and skills that are essential in problem-solving in their workplace (Munson, 2012). The adults are aware of the learning needs and are motivated to learn skills that improve their social and occupational role competencies (Fried, 2008). The workshop is geared at enabling the employees to develop problem-solving strategies in order to avoid work-related stress and foster critical thinking skills. Adult learners have a problem-centered time perspective since the formal curriculum is balanced with opportunities to apply to learn through case studies and role –plays. Adults are capable of self-direction and trustful relationships help in identification of the learners’ needs (Munson, 2012). The adults enjoy planning and evaluating their progress while supervisors recognize the adult learners’ need and treat them as adults. The adults are ready to learn their developmental tasks move towards social and occupational role competence. The adult learners bring their prior experience in every learning situation and discovery how to learn from these experiences in attaining self-actualization (Fried, 2008). Adults have a desire to learn and will learn when they feel the need to learn. The need for adults to learn can be developed and usually learn by doing (Munson, 2012). The immediate and repeated opportunities to use newly learned skills and knowledge reinforce learning in adults and thus learning should be centered on realistic problems. The experience affects adult learning and adults must be provided with opportunities to interrupt, ask questions and argue their ideas during the learning process (Munson, 2012). Adults learn best in the informal environment that encourages interactions and various methods such as role play, cases studies and workshops should be used in teaching adults. The acquisition of new knowledge and skills occurs in a predictable sequence and the curricula should follow this sequence to develop, present and support adult learning.  

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