Monday, 12 August 2019

Impacts of Organizational Cultures Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Impacts of Organizational Cultures - Assignment Example The cultures can be detrimental or beneficial to the organization as discussed in this essay. For the positive influences, organizational culture improves the morale of employees. Employees with a better understanding of their organization’s culture have a good grasp of their goals. They tend to cooperate with the needs of the customers, fellow customers, and managers. They understand that they are part of the investment, and they do their best to demonstrate loyalty. Workers in a healthy environment show commitment, and as a result, improve the productivity of the organization (Clampitt, 2012). Organizational cultures also help form unity among employees. The members of the organization take prompts from managers as part of forming cultures. Once they agree and adopt the norms of the firm, the norms in turn form bonds between the employees and management. The unity makes the members a team and they tend to focus on the entire success of a business, but not personal gains (Clampitt, 2012). The last benefit is that the organizational culture helps retain and attract talented individuals. Companies with good organizational culture retain employees for a long period. A company such as Coca-Cola has flexible working hours, allows casual dress codes, and provides international working opportunities (Clampitt, 2012). Its employees hardly leave the company because the company’s internal environment is friendly to them. Most researchers attribute the availability of well-defined cultures in organizations as the key to retention of talented and hardworking employees (Campitt, 2012). The first negative aspect of cultures in the internal environment and employees is that they can be unavoidable. The business owner might not be aware of its existence and may be busy trying to lift it off the ground, but the cultures can facilitate its uplift. The culture ends up being an obstacle to the company’s growth.  Ã‚  

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