Monday, 29 July 2019

Teaching Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Teaching - Assignment Example Intuitive-Feeling SELF-EXPRESSIVE Sensing-Feeling INTERPERSONAL Prefers to Learn by: -Seeing tangible results -practicing what he has learned -following directions one step at a time -being active rather than passive -knowing exactly what is expected of her, how well the task must be done and why Studying about ideas and how things are related Planning and carrying out a project of his own making and interest Arguing or debating a point based on logical analysis Problem solving that requires collecting, organizing, and evaluating data Studying about things that directly affect people's lives rather tha impersonal facts and theories Receiving personal attention and encouragement from his teachers Being part of a team-collaborating with other students Activities that help her learn about herself and how she feels about things Being creative and using his imagination Planning and organizing her work in her own creative ways Working on a number of things at one time' Searching for alternative solutions to problems beyond those normally considered Discussing real problems and looking for real solutions Learns Best From: Drill demonstration Practice Hand-on experience Lectures Reading Logical discussions and debates Group experiences and projects Loving attention Personal expression and personal encounters Role playing Creative and artistic activities Open-ended discussions of personal and social values Activities that enlighten and enhance-myths, human achievement, dramas,etc. Likes Doing things that have immediate, practical use Being acknowledged for thoroughness and detail Praise for prompt and complete work Immediate feedback(rewards, priviledges,etc) Time to plan and organize her work Working independently or with other intuitive- Working with ideas and...To write down the steps of baking in order is one thing and to bake it is another thing. The scheme of work is challenging enough for those talented individuals or those in the Intuitive-feeling (self-expressive) and Sensing-Feeling (interpersonal) style of disposition. While for those gifted or those in the Sensing-Thinking (mastery) and Intuitive Thinker (understanding) style of disposition, this is too challenging. The scheme of work for the year 8 is more on practical works, rather than thinking. The talented individuals are being prioritized; the course offers them the expressions of their ideas, kinesthetically, while the gifted individual's abilities are not well exercised. There should be additional measuring criteria involving them in fair percentage and ratings. c) Having 12 visual, 9 kinesthetic, 3 auditory students, is a difficult thing to assess inside the classroom, this is where you need to give special attention to the following students, not only for the dominant number but those who are left aside. The visuals deal with the spatial intelligence and are in favor of the lesson, since they can see most of the time the process of how to bake.

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