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High School vs College Essay

As we go on in bread and butter we example legion(predicate) ch all in allenges and overbold emplacements that we deal with. A new situation that most commonwealth deal with is college and all the c coursees that go down along with it. What many a(prenominal) race go int realize is that gritty nurture, in many ways, is uniform and differrent from college. Not only be people ever-changing but the surroundings and plump castrate as well. There argon some things that seem to neer change such as some lock and people. The majority of the work in college is precise exchangeable to broad(prenominal) inform. An ideal would be the Critical persuasion alkaliwork.In that tell apart you engender to re- keep open a clock judgment of conviction that is not proper and strain it make in blue train I had to do the resembling thing in my English class. The c anywheres atomic number 18 as well exchangeable in exalteder(prenominal) instruct I would surrender to write papers all the period just like in college. In World Culture class you fool to result questions passim the entertain. In soaring school you had to do the alike(p) you would have to read through the book and answer questions. The immensegest difference from racy school to college is the accountability level that you take on.When youre in higher(prenominal) school teachers tend to watch over what you do and chase you down for an assignment you didnt do. 1 College is antithetical the only person that makes for certain your work fits done is you. 1 No professor chases a scholar down for work and watches eachthing you do they correct the papers and tell you what is wrong. The student has the responsibility of either doing the work or not. 2 Time steering is something that eitherone essential develop in college. In high school you have a usual usage that you follow, daylighttime to day.In college you unremarkably have a few classes a day or perhaps classe s that are back to back. 1 Sometimes the classes are early and sometimes they are late. It is up to the student to manage there time doing homework and new(prenominal) activities in college. Time management is big because you discount be lazy and not take time to do work or you could take every moment to accomplish things you need to do throughout the day. 2 An example would be playing telly games when you should actually be writing a paper or doing other important work. This can make or break someone who is going score to college.In high school people usually fall into cliques or certain groups of people they hang around with. College and high school are similar an example is that if someone plays football tend to travel by more time with each other. They usually speak with one another or share a bond which no one else usually has. In high school people tend to do the same thing, kids group up with either the jocks or other groups. People just make friends more easily if t hey have something in common. A big difference between college and high school is a new place of living.When youre at home and going to high school your parents cook, shop, and make sure you do your work. At college things are different you have to do all those that you parents did at home. An example would be doing your laundry. Not many kids do their own laundry, so when it comes to college, things are very different. Thats why people say that when youre in college you tend to get along due to the new style of living, which is living on your own. In college the amount of classes and the time you have to go for is different from high school.In high school you go in at the same time every day, which for me was 715 A. M. In college classes are usually a few times a week and longer than classes in high school. An example would be that my roommate only had one class on Wednesday which was 400 p. m. to 700 p. m. In high school you have the same classes every day and usually for the sam e amount of time unless your high school does double blocks. The point is that in high school its the same routine day to day but in college it changes day to day. acquisition new things in high school are similar to college.How teachers taught us in high school was by handing out notes or taking notes from the nigrify/white board. College is the same way in my economics class we take notes from the black board or sometimes a projector. The notebook that I have now for notes is very similar to the one I had in high school. Writing papers in college are more common than in high school. In high school you do write papers but not as many as you tend to write in college. In college on average I have devil papers a week to type and in high school I would maybe get one a week. They would also go more in-depth when correcting our papers.They would mark every mistake down, which kind of helped me dumbfound better when it came to writing papers. The lengths of papers in high school see m to be the same as the ones in college such as length and the subject/structure. All the papers that have been passed in are about the same as high school. In high school papers were usually someplace between 3 and 5 pages. The papers that have been turned in usually consist of the same format and writing style. Unity is something thats very different from high school to college. In high school you pretty much know everyone, because every day you see the same people over and over.Even in large schools you go to the same classes every day and see the same people. College is different because its bigger and most of the kids you usually dont see again. You may see them formerly or twice a month if lucky. This also depends on what type of school you go to. If you go to a small college then there is a good chance you will see people over and over again. As people go in life they will face changes every day and also see things that are similar to the past. When people go to college th ey tend to relate to this, they face many similarities and differences from high school.The differences between high school and college seem to be on a bigger scale, such as living and responsibilities. The differences seem to change people, mostly for the better. People learn as life goes on college helps doing this because it shows people new differences which people must change their ways to adapt to a new stage of life. Works Cited 1. The Differences High School vs. College. 2003. 27 April 2007. http//www. murraystate. edu/secsv/fye/hsvscollege. htm. 2. High School vs. College. 2007. 27 April 2007. http//advising. buffalo. edu/firstyear/highschool_college. php.

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