Thursday, 7 February 2019

The Black Community Essay -- American History, Luther King Jr. Malcolm

IntroductionThrough go on history, blacks have been treated the poorest out of all races. Although everyone under God is to be treated equal, albumins thought of themselves as world the superior race. In 1619 a Dutch ship brought 20 slaves to America and it took some 240 years for slavery to end in 1865(Ronald, , para. 3).These mixed-up slaves were taken to America and put to work growing anything from cotton to tobacco. Slaves had perfectly no rights. They were simply property of their Massa. Being disrespectful to a white man could get a Negro killed and they just real the facts of the matter. The second was the most notorious in its treatment of slaves and slaves would dally away. It was a Brobdingnagian risk, but a slave that made it to a free ground without getting caught had the possibility of being free for once. Yet, if a slave were to scat his description would be in an ad in the newspaper and the consequences when he returned would not be delightful. Under cons tant control, slaves struggled for centuries only to hope for a day when they could be treated as equals rather than always being inferior to the white man.Freed SlavesSome historians believe approximately 50,000 slaves ran away each year between 1830 and 1860(Ronald, , para. 44).This was a major issue in second because the southern slave masters were the most brutal. But, some slaves order it severe being on their own and either came back or were captured collect to advertisements in the newspaper. Most of these runaways wanted to find their families but found it nearly impossible due to slave trading during that time. Women were also unlikely to run away because the men would be the ones trying to escape to find their wives. The subway system Railroad was a series of lo... ...s group in which he found that not all white people are against blacks. On February 21, 1965, cardinal gunmen assassinated Malcolm X in Manhattan New York(Biography of Malcolm X, 2001, para. 11).Conclu sionAlthough we have come a long way in the black community, there are still racial prejudices out there. These prejudices lie in the deep in America in which some whites still hold on to the head of white supremacy. For example, the noose that was hung in a tree in which African-American students would sit. This happened in a college in Indiana where there is not more than racial diversity because of the prejudice there. People throughout America screw prejudices but now more than ever they are hidden because legal age of people are not racialist or as racist anymore. Slavery is no longer an issue for blacks being fully accepted into predominantly white communities is.

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