Monday, 11 February 2019

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Hooked Stanley Crouchs essay Hooked is about the symphony of today. He talks throughout the essay mainly about Michael Jackson, and his medication and image. He talks about Jackson throughout the years, from the beginning of his go as a member of the Jackson Five, up until the release of his in vogue(p) record HIStory. Crouch goes on to say in his essay that todays medical specialty is mainly about going against authority, and can be compared to Hitlers Fascism. He also talks about how m each multitude today listen to medical specialty, without taking note of the lyrics. Stanley Crouchs essay Hooked is an attack on popular medical specialty of today. He argues that todays medical specialty is bad, and that most people dont even listen to the lyrics. He also compares listeners of todays music to fascists. Stanley Crouch does not back up any of his arguments with factual information. His essay is based on opinion, and observation, and in my paper I will disc uss how he is obviously wrong in his arguments of these topics. outgrowth of all Stanley Crouch is wrong in arguing that all music of today is bad, because he uses only Michael Jackson as a original of todays music. Michael Jackson is not a representative of all popular music of today. For one to write an argumentative essay rating popular music of today, one must use more then one-example of a music artist. at that place are many artists of the late 90s who are as mainstream as Michael Jackson is, but who also write very good music. In Crouchs essay he states that todays music exploits the insecurities of young people by relation them, over and over, that never growing up is the best defense against an heavy world where fun isnt given its proper due. In this statement he is saying that the music of today is mostly written to send messages to the jejuneness of today that growing up is bad, go against the authorities do what you demand while your still a child. This is very m uch so an opinion. There are numerous artists of today who write very meaningful songs on a variety of topics that young people of today can revive to and take comfort in. For example Mariah Carey is a mainstream artist who writes many songs that people of all ages can listen to and relate to.

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