Monday, 31 December 2018

Critique on against gay marriage Essay

The modern world is experiencing transition in totally aspects of life. This change is being experienced in conjugation whereby some tribe are moving a demeanor from the belief that sexual union should solely shell out place in the midst of wad of corresponding sex. They have g genius to an extent of displace for conjugal union between throng of same-sex to be accorded the same treatment and recognition average like the case with the heterosexual marriage. more or less raft believe that marriage should be heterosexual while others believe that purge homosexuals have a right to link and live with their partners skilful like a husband and wife in opposite-sex marriage.This wallpaper presents a critique in concomitant of gay marriage. The society especially in the period state is crippling with umpteen social problems emanating from heterosexual marriage. One of these problems is outcaste pregnancies which arise from irresponsible relationships. This is an incident which domiciliate only happen in a marriage between two people of opposite sex. Embracing same-sex marriage would lead a remedy to this problem because at that place is no chance of pregnancy in a marriage between gays and lesbians. This would as headspring serving in reducing the senior high school cases of deaths and abortion which are being witnessed in the society today.Incase homosexuals decide to absorb a child, the possibility of neglect is very(prenominal) low as this would be a decision between two free lance people. Same-sex marriage reduces the dominance by hotshot partner which is associated with union between a man and a woman. For fear of victimization, nearly gays and lesbians are forced into heterosexual marriages against their will. However, they still continue to live their homosexual lives by secretly relating to other homosexuals while staying in the same-sex marriage. Therefore, accepting same-sex marriage will help reduce this unfaithfulness and pr omote marriage to one partner (Sullivan, A., 2004). Since the society allows all kinds of people and groups to marry including murderers, thieves as well as marriage between people of different races. Condemning same-sex marriage is favoritism of the minority who are supposed to be protected by the constitution just like any other group. As opposed to what Bennet believes, it would not be the first time that the institution of marriage is experiencing change Marriage between different races which are happening today never happened several years ago (Bennett, J.W. 1996). The beefed-up position against crotchet which is adopted by the church is an intrusion into private business. This is because marriage is a personal commitment between the two people involved in the relationship. This marriage therefore hurts no one who is not part of the relationship (Bennett, J. W. 1996). either element of the society is transforming hence treat same-sex marriage is simply refusing to accept the intrinsic changes in the institution of marriage.The acceptance of homosexuality as evident among school pupils is an indicator that homosexuality is a thing of the current generation hence nature should be allowed to take its course. Bennet should not represent against adoption by gay and lesbian couples as this would be better that single parenting. The long-term repercussions of same-sex marriage talked about by those against gay marriage are useless and coming out of fear of the mystical accepting same-sex union would only function to create more choices concerning marriage and people would be guided by man-to-man choices.(Bennett, J. W. 1996). Conclusion From the accounts given above, same-sex marriage should be allowed and homosexuals do not deserve the approximate criticism and victimization that they are undergoing in the society. Legislation and rules governing marriage only needs to be adjusted to give up for same-sex union. Reference Bennett, J. W. (1996). G ay Marriage non a very good idea. The cap Post. OP-ED Pg. A19 Sullivan, A. (2004). Same-sex Marriage, Pro and Con A Reader. fresh York Vintage Books.

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