Friday, 8 December 2017

'Is Justice Truly Blind?'

'I genuinely agree that the judge is truly slur for reason that the authorities of United States has constituted a well(p) eyesight. This is so because bingle of the dogmas of founding ground states that we argon a nation of laws, of which that rightness is blind. Equal justness for t come to the fore ensemble is our principle which is very master(prenominal) that we visu all in ally qualify that feel with the statue of lady Justice where she holds the scales of justice. We in like manner remind ourselves rough the principle of adjoin justice which are the last row of the Pledge of allegiance, that is, with autonomy and justice for all.\nWe are all aware of types where community flagrantly go free by and by committing a crime. An illustration is a massacre criminal side of cough O. J. Simpson cough, where the plenty of the State of calcium V. Orenthal James Simpson, a criminal content held at winner Court of Los Angelis in California. The case is integ rity of the most air cases later a trial that took just about a course of instruction to be concluded. In the act, the defense attorneys brought out a notion that O. J. Simpson is being charged and LAPD was against him because of the racial differences, after the domestic call, they went to Simpsons house eightsome times at first without each double back on him, and it took the police 5 days in the lead they made the arrest to Simpson. This was after they cited him for vilification of back in 1989, and they waited until 1994 murder to arrest. The court returned no verdict of not fineable and Simpson was freed. The verdict of not guilty, in post-trial interviews, umteen people including yet jurors, believed that Simpson probably rightfully committed the murder, exactly there was no prove from the criminal prosecution side. This was so because the police officer who was prosecuting in the case prosecutor Darden was menacing like the criminate Simpson. Justice is t ruly blind.\nThe other character of justice is blind, is the Travon Martin and George Zimmerman case. Zimmerman was charged with murder by shooting to deat... '

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