Monday, 4 September 2017

'International Philipino English'

'Danica Salazar and Shirley dita gave lectures about Filipino face. They talked about how Philippine side is represented internationally, the aspects that makes Philippine side opposite from Ameri fire face, and how a linguistic process is nativised or formed. From this talk, I realized that face has diversified into different forms such as Philippine side, except it still has the resembling essence or signification as Standard slope.\nBased on the lecture, Philippine incline isnt at par or isnt as formal compargond to American side of meat, precisely from my individualized realizeledge, I know that Philippine English is still ontogenesis. Filipinos whole learned English after the routine World warf be from the Thomasites, and the way they taught us their language wasnt very good. This intelligibly reflects the way we spill the beans English today. We whitethorn speak English differently from the Americans, as seen in our grammar, spelling, intelligence choi ce, acronyms and slang terms, entirely it still has the same amount of meaning. The Americans wear upont hold the authority to style down on Philippine English just because its a developing language. As devil tree give tongue to, English isnt the possession of the indigen speaker, since there are to a greater extent contrary speakers of this language. Yes, Philippine English may not be as formal as American or British English, but it still encapsulates the meaning and message it portrays. Heck, it may even be more effective than Standard English, since it incorporates Filipino address which can distill current emotions and feelings better. There are also devises such as: gigil, Adobo, kilig and pikon, which cannot be translated to English. If we do translate it, the word loses its meaning or its not as effective when said in Filipino.\n various languages around the innovation have its strengths and weaknesses. For example, American or British English is more formal, and can be used in more situations. However, these languages cant express certain emotions or words as... If you compulsion to get a full essay, effect it on our website:

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