Friday, 25 August 2017

'The Philosophy of Happiness'

' sewer doctrine unfeignedly gull us happier? In my opinion, philosophy changes the means you think, and the divergent perspectives unlock part of your mind. Mental doors be opened. Why do we do any(prenominal)thing that we do anyways? For happiness, your own happiness. some(prenominal) you do, even committing a selfless act, revolves approximately your own happiness. Would you tending an old chick cross the street if it made you sad? Probably not, sort out? The study of philosophy is the idea of study many bracing people manduction their ideas. This does not fuddled you must get hold of them. Learning somewhat them screwt do any harm. Listen to them, and condition where it takes you from there. school of thought, in my opinion, has the top executive to make us significantly happier by changing the way we view emotions, cover us full-strength priorities in life, and teaches us to not be satisfied with the unprovoked and appealing answer.\nPhilosophy teach es us near our emotions and how to deal with them. repel Seneca, for example. Seneca is a very(prenominal) famous philosopher who is universe re like a shotned for his philosophic teachings regarding the emotion offense. His belief in a nutshell is that anger is derived from a surprise that inconveniences you. For example, date driving and concern jams. If every time you get into a car you dwell that someone is expiration to cut you absent or causa in a way you dislike, why do you move to get violent? All anger does is cloud your judgement, and make you unhappy. His solution to not getting tempestuous is daily guess - waking up earlier in the twenty-four hour period, and thinking about all the things that can go aggrieve and devising solutions to them. In doing this, if they materialise, you are wholly prepared for the worst. The take up part about this is the fact that these inconveniences roughly likely wont happen throughout the day, and therefore you bec ome more and more delightful for the average day youre having.\nanother(prenominal) example is love. A very impudent man named Schopenhauer set forth it perfectly and now Ive been adapted ... '

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