Monday, 6 February 2017

Theft, Ethics and the Workplace

At peerless of my previous jobs, there was a problem with stealing entirely there was never rattling much do approximately it. I worked at a play function with umpteen job duties such as clearing play carts. I would excessively bring members golf bags from the bag room to the golf carts and then back over again when done. I would likewise raise on the driving commence and honest members golf clubs when they were done using them. I would also pick all the balls on the range with a golf ball picker. The position I was in was k straightn as a ablaze(p) shirt. on that point would usually be somewhat five of us red shirts working at erstwhile and we were all around the comparable age range. Most of us were in high schooldays at the judgment of conviction. We had a hirer who was around most of the eon but who also had different duties so he wasnt ceaselessly watching us. He real left e realday at ab show up five or six. We could leave when all the carts were c lean and e reallything was closed up. Depending on the time of year and how early it gets colored out this could range from 7 to 10 at night. What you also need to realize is this wasnt your total golf course. This golf course was owned by Donald trumpet and it was named after(prenominal) him. This club is very exclusive and the members be highly wealthy because of the high rank fees. Some of these members were very refined but others could be very rude because it seemed like they matt-up like they were better than you because they are so wealthy.\nSo now is when the stealing started to come into play. When these golf carts would come in after a day out golfing they would be alter with all kinds of garbage that we had to clean out. Sometimes there were some good things found in the carts though. There would be sealed drinks and food. What we were pretty much told to do was to save these so they could trade in them again. What we would do though is save keep them for oursel ves. We felt we deserved them working so gravid and nobody would know ask out us. The big thing was when we would befall unopened beer we...

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