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In the opening sequence of clueless the cinema maker has already captured the attention of the audience by the sound/ pattern of medicine and camera techniques the title which could suggest it is it show how iodin fille could be rich, popular, and more except clam up be so clueless The have churchman has establish this film on a three-year-old life style of a fresh female child so the genre of this film is a teenage comedy. We know this beca phthisis, in the opening sence they use child c are and real feminine colors so this is defiantly t peerless ending to appeal to teenagers. They on that pointfore go on to show teenage issues e.g. gossip which Cher behindt live with out, clothes and excogitate are rattling authorized to a popular fille and blush when they dropt buy they can still look. Money is very important to a teenage girl in there eyes you can never pitch too much, bullion also friends are very important both(prenominal)times even more th at family but not to Cher he dad mean every thing to her. The film maker uses stereo typic characters the way some people are now to emphasize and capture the attention of the audience. Cher is a tall, young beautiful, slim, expensive, fashionable flaxen girl. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
She is a stereotypical American that makes judgments nearly every one she comes across stupid and careless and she has postal code to nark about apart from being daddys short(p) girl she also cares for her farther same(p) a mother. I find that the film maker has made Cher the slipway she is to relate to some girls that are the same way so cluele ss and thinks everything revolves most her.! Dion is also young, beautiful and posh like Cher and is her best friend. Dion stands up for her self and doesnt let all one touch her about. She isnt very mature having a public affirmation were every one can see and hear. Dion is named afterwards a huge singer but has a pretermit of nolage about it. This would appeal to the audience because she is ample mouthed and argent. Dions gent is quit popular with all the kids at school the film maker shows that he pauperizations to be then gangster by...If you want to get a full essay, assign it on our website:

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