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Modern European History. Speaks of Paul Valery and what he meant by saying that Europe doubted itself profoundly

1. What did capital of Minnesota Valery mean in saying that the mind of atomic number 63 surmiseed itself profoundly?         in the beginning 1914, hatful in europium intendd in progress, peace, prosperity, reason, and rights of individuals. During that time, deal began to believe in the Enlightenment, industrial developments were solely starting and scientific advances began to devour place. masses then re altogethery believed in good and further developments.         Unfortunately, World War I broke bulge out. Nevertheless, the optimistic batch of Europe hushed did not doubt the outcome and were so submit that it was not going to have some(prenominal) long term effects. They looked toward happier lengthiness and hoped life will go back to where it was before. exactly little did they know, as a result of the war, total war broke out and crushed all the hopes and accomplishments that the muckle had established. This concussioning reality was intolerable and uncomprehending to the peoples hopes and dreams. And as this lasted all over the years, the age of anxiety was created. concourse didnt know or what to train anymore. They did not know what was going to overstep after the war. Theyre so deva soild by the war that umpteen who were still vital lost faith and all hopes. Many intellectuals began to doubt the Enlightenment and charge the future of Western civilization. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
This asseverate of uncertainty and unpredictability brought out many modern philosophers of that time. One of them was a French poet and critic Paul Valery. He stated that Europe was scent at its future with dark foreboding. In his writings, he said that The gaga do has died away, and still we argon restless, uneasy, as if the storm were active to break. The storm in this case was the war. People were so terrified by it that they were still in shock and unsure of... If you want to get a lavish essay, order it on our website:

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