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Discuss Several Features Of New Religous Movements.

ghostly Movements 1Running Head : sacred Movements Religious MovementsUnderstanding the Different Religious Features Religion Has to OfferNameSchool Essay assignment discussing various features of recent spectral movementsProfessor s NameJanuary 2007Religious Movements 2From the beginning of time pietism has been the base in which challenges amid opus and his judgments about vitality s creation and future s holdings be interdependent on . Many live with challenged Christianity with their own phantasmal movements , any(prenominal) successful , and some utter failures . Of those who have succeeded in gaining pursual , they carry features that differ vastly from ChristianityAlthough many antithetic pietys have originated by people who feel they have the business government agency conjure up believers , few have estab lished a legitimate following . There ar several , yet , that have made names for themselves . A few of these new(a) religious movements include Mormon Jehovah s Witness , and Scientology . These righteousnesss were trail within the past 200 years and completely edition from the beliefs of traditional ChristianityThe Mormons were established in 1830 by Mr . Joseph metalworker . smith claimed to have been visited by God , and shortly thereafter founded the Mormon Church (Roberts , 2006 . Mormonism features following more than one scripture for guidance to the proper path in life , which include The vest Bible , KJV (but only after the over 600 corrections metalworker made the Book of Mormon , Doctrines and Covenants , and The Pearl of the Great row (Roberts , 2006Jehovah s Witnesses were in the midst of creation in 1870 when Charles Taze Russell started a small bible study focusing on the second plan of attack of Christ (Davis , 2006 . Through writings , Russel l continued to tweak this righteousness t! o what it is today . A feature of JW s is their neutrality in policy-making relation . Voting , saluting the flag and joining or marrying into the force be prohibited (Cho , 1998 . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Another feature of this strict piety is the belief that blood is a gift from God and mortals are to terminate from it (TSP , 1999 . A faithful JW will refuse bloodReligious Movements 3transfusions no matter of the circumstance . Due to the nature of Jehovah s Witnesses beliefs , they have stock rejection from millions , practically being cited as a cultScientology has gained in popularity since tom sail began so heavily advocating this re ligion s practice . The open of this comprehension , L Ron Hubbard , claimed to have discovered answers to all of life s questions , and professed his intimacy of the true past and future of the world (Davis , 2006 . This religion features unachievable aims , such as life without crime or criminals , frenzy , and war in for man to live a well-situated life (Hubbard , 1974 . Scientology also features the Tone Scale , which assists Scientologists in communicating with others based on mood (Hubbard , 1974The varying beliefs to each one religious practice carries wins followers although some not reliably . With features divergent from worshipping the sun to animal sacrifice , each religion serves as a guide for living life a accepted way . Religion is a delicate casing viewed differently by all...If you want to get a undecomposed essay, mold it on our website:

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