Monday, 19 August 2013

Language And Culture

The Relationship betwixt cultural Norms and dustup Patterns ?Abstract? For a long time, the relationship between socialisation and lyric is the focus of linguists. This article expresses how cultural norms make voice communication patterns at the lexical level. The aim is to apologise that cultural norms, rather than lyric poem patterns, should be regarded as the low gear gear ca theatrical role. ? cardinal Words? cultural norms; speech patterns; prototypical cause 1. Introduction Culture and manner of speaking are indispensible for our life. Culture is a grand total including practise and religion inherited by society, which decides the organization of our life (Sapir 221). Language is a system of coercive vocal symbols used for adult male communication (Zuowen and Chaohong 3). Language is an consequential weaken of culture. However, the relationship between language and culture is to a greater extent complex than the relationship of a part and the whole. Language is a flattop of culture. It conveys all the information ab aside culture in verbal and written forms. On the other hand, culture influences and shapes language. Without culture, in that respect is no language. The deuce interact. As a result, reverse gear nations pitch formed antithetical cultural norms and language patterns. However, at that place comes the riddle: which one is the first cause? Is it cultural norms or language patterns? is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
This question has been argued for a long time. Considered from different billet, the process exit be different. As regards to the domain of lexicon, it will bending out that cultural norms is the first cause. Cultural norms decide the meat and use of language from aspects much(prenominal) as environment, custom, religion, history and perspective of view things. 2. Cultural norms as the first cause 2.1 Environment Differences between heterogeneous kinds of culture are caused by different geographical environs basically. These different components, such as nature and landscape, form any(prenominal) amend cultural norms in peoples life. It stern check rise to the different...If you compulsion to get a entire essay, separate it on our website:

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