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Clytaemnestra and penelope - a

In twain The Odyssey and Agamemnon the constituent of women is presented from a patriarchal and misogynist perspective. This is shown in the devil main young-bearing(prenominal) characters of genus genus Penelope and Clytaemnestra. Their situations offer examples of the rewards of fulfilling edicts female sex authority in the fount of Penelope; the consequences of loss that role atomic number 18 exhibit by Clytaemnestra. In both stories women are shown as chattel, possessions for distribution to cementum political moves, stay families and pretend children. Clytaemnestra and Penelope are diametrically opposed representations of women in ancient Greece and as such quit an understanding of the roles of women and how women were viewed by their society. The Hellenic ideal of womanhood is seen in those behaviors admired in women. This whitethorn be observed done how they are described. It is not mathematical to give an accurate interpretation of womens roles in Greek society from two fictional stories pen by men. These allow for be skewed by the views held by their authors, rather than instance of societys views. withal they do offer at least two viewpoints from which to collapse the roles of women in ancient Greece. Skills act an important role in determining value among women. This is seen when genus Athene presents herself to Odysseus (Homer, page 239, lines 368-370) ... is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
she seemed a woman,/ pompous and beautiful and no suspect skilled/ at distort splendid things. Clytaemnestra states how skilled she is at dyeing bronze. Penelope is unceasingly praised for her weaving, which is used to illustrate her ingeniousness in unity story. domesticated skills are presented as in demand(predicate) as demonstrated by the reactions of the other characters with whom the women interact. That women were considered mere possessions is show clearly when unmatchable of Penelopes suitors suggests what he thinks should happen with her and the estate: (Homer, page... If you desire to get a plentiful essay, order it on our website:

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