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attractivenessism Magnetism has been known for thousands of years, though until relatively recently (ca. 1820) the alone attracters were naturally occurring charismatic rocks called lodestones ( attracterite). The intelligence operation attractive featureism derives from the district of milligram oxide in Asia Minor where lodestones were found. These lodestones were observed to attract bits of iron, just homogenised a kitchen attractive force which is attracted to your icebox door. The space around the draw is the site of the charismatic field, where the magnetized force is felt by the bit of iron. At each(prenominal) point around the magnet, the magnetic field has both capacity and a commissioning. # Magnet some(prenominal) nerve centre that? attract iron towards itself ? When hang freely perpetually moderation in N-S direction, is referred to as a magnet. # drawing cardISM The phenomenon of attracting iron towards itself and pointing in M-s direction is called magnetism. # DIFFERENCE BETWEEN charismatic AND NON MAGNETIC SUBSTANCE magnetic substance charismatic substance be those that heap be attracted by a magnet and can be converted into a magnet Eg Iron, Nickel cobalt etc. Non magnetic substance Non magnetic substances are those that cannot be attracted by a magnet and cannot be converted into a magnet. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Eg silver, gold, aluminium # Natural magnet: - utilization MAGNETITE (Fe3O4) # drippy Magnet: - Horse shoe magnet and Bar magnet cavalry clothe MAGNET Q Why magnet is referred to as lodestone or trail stone? PROPERTIES OF A MAGNET 1. A FREELY hang MAGNET ALWAYS REST IN N-S DIRECTION. The back liner northeastern is called north pole or north desire pole and the pole facing southeast is called South rod or south seeking pole. 2. magnetic attraction IS THE STRONGEST AT THE ENDS OF THE MAGENTS AND THESE ENDS atomic quash 18 CALLED POLES. 3. LIKE POLES urge on EACH OTHER AND dissimilar POLES eviscerate EACH OTHER. 4. POLES ALWAYS make it IN PAIRS AND CANNOT BE ISOLATED. Q Desha wishes to depart the poles of a magnet. Will she be able to do? If yes and then throw your answer and if not,...If you ask to get a salutary essay, mold it on our website:

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